• Snunners

    This guy is a straight up R-tard. Anyone with any backcountry experience or a brain cell would a) never been that close to a cornice and b) been off that thing in a flash after a collapse like that

  • Trent

    Cliff..aka, slight downslope.

  • kami

    I would say stop where the tree line ends???!!!!

  • Gote

    Anyone else notice this guy was alone! I think I saw Darwin lurking behind that tree waiting to hand out an award!

  • Ghostrider

    Hardly a 1000 foot cliff. Maybe 1000 feet in total distance to the bottom, but maybe a 100 foot vertical drop at most.

    It is what it is. No need to exaggerate, because it only turns what would have been an interesting video, into a fail.

  • Anonymous

    Damn nature! You scary!

  • Bear

    He kept looking around to see if anybody was going to watch him clean the shit out of his pants with snow!

  • http://Chive Jimy

    Holy sht


    Chuck Norris does this run all the time

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