• jake

    that'll pucker your butt hole…

    • Anna Sklavity

      butthole puckering and pewpted his pants =choose, can't have boaf

    • HotashNerd


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  • Mr. J


  • new_guy

    That would be a fun jump if you were ready for it.

  • Andrew

    As terrifying as that was, "It's cause I just shit my pants" was hilariously honest. That man's a lucky SOB.

  • mmmbacon

    did anyone else start to lean as he was sitting at the peak?

  • graham

    the cliff collapsing was so undramatic. i was expecting something huge to happen or something go terribly wrong, but yeh… what a lucky guy.

  • why?

    Jesus fucking christ shitballs!

  • http://hcf-server.com Cat121

    Hell, by putting myself in the same situation, sure i would have shitted in my pants too !

  • Warr2275

    Ohh baby jesus…

  • James Killians

    Those kind of people who don't prepare properly (uh, look at a topo map) are why the gov't spends unnecessary money on search and rescue missions.

    • Anonymous

      Look at a map? Hahaha! You clearly have never snowmobiled in the mountains. But good luck with that.

    • pointgiven

      Who needs a topo map when you have gravity to help you find your way?

    • colomtnrunner

      What is even more ridiculous is that the continues to stand on the cornice that just broke off in front him. That whole ridge line could have broke lose while he was standing there.

  • Dorkfish

    Nope. Thanks though

  • clemgrad03

    He should go buy a lottery ticket…the luckiest SOB on the planet ladies and gentlemen.

  • etcrr

    his heart is pumping 200 beats a minute, he was smart though at least he slowed for the summit, if he hadn't it would have been all over

  • john


  • p dangerously

    looks like a good day to die

  • Tom

    OMFG!! I about pooped my pants watching that in full screen, HOLY SHI*!!

  • Bob

    A close one… Beep beep beep translates to save my AS$, I'm buried in the snow! At least he had sense to turn it on before doing anything.

    • Real Dirk Diggler

      The beeping was reverse, not an ELT. He was just so scared at the time that even with the snowmobile in reverse, he didn't want to take a chance, and got of first.

    • colomtnrunner

      Beacons don't beep audibly.

  • cantcme

    His biggest mistake was riding alone, another foot it would have been a much sadder video.

    • your you're yur ur

      I don't think there would be any video if he went another foot!

      • hfxc

        i dont think so either haha

  • Anonymous

    That was no were near a 1000 foot drop

  • WoogyMonster

    Heath Frisby would have launched the cornice and landed a front flip. No he wouldn't of shit his pants either.

  • Derbymon

    What a frickin' annoying loud machine.
    Ah wilderness!

  • Mike

    1000' cliff where? you dramatic little cunt! you could have rode right down…

    • Duckaz

      Fuck yea, EXACTLY what I thought.. I would have strapped on my (snow) board and stomped right down there! Obviously most of these people haven't been anywhere near back country or riding peaks..

    • HotashNerd

      Oh really?

  • Douchemobiles

    I hate snowmobiles, they're fuckin loud and smell like shit, no place for them in the wilderness. Shame he didn't fall off and die, that would have been hilarious.

    • Dragon

      What !? Snowmobiling is awesome. You obviously live in texas and are just ignorant and you comment without even experiencing it. Also they sound awesome and the smell you speak of is what horsepower smells like its two stroke and it's the most amazing thing you will smell.

    • authorunknown

      Next time you're stranded in the backcountry remember what you said. Then start gnawing on your own leg.

  • killa

    Nice Pristine Daaayyy!!!!!!

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