25 random facts that you definitely didn’t know (25 Photos)

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  • Eddie

    History Channel, showing a show about sex, also said that MEN NEED an orgasm to ejaculate. And, since the sex of the embryo isnt determined immediately, the woman got the orgasm trait too. Men physically need it to produce, while woman just have it for pleasure.

    • squeezmylemonz

      Mind blown

  • Projekt_j

    #11 true story…

  • dandude2

    #19 well yeah because now your not sure if you messed up one letter or more

    • Green Mountain Bot

      Yup. When I mess up, it's usually because I hit two letters at once. Which one was correct, and which one was wrong? I don't know. So if I want to get in, I gotta redo the whole thing.

  • ForsakenUK

    #6 As a British man I can tell you that this is false.
    It's waaaay more than just 76%

  • thisguynotthatone

    Haha The Chive is the best. I HAVE NO IDEA WHATS GOING ON ANGRY PEOPLE. Just enjoy what the site has to offer or dont because I’m ammused by the angry people. Chive On!!!

  • Jack


    90% of people are dumb. You're just going to knock the paste off!

  • Anonymous

    #6 I bet that percentage goes up if it were coke

  • Not Impressed.

    Nice, Chive! Way to just copy everything off of the "Did You Know?" Tumblr! And the Tumblr account at least provides sources.

  • ThisChickLovesChive

    Now I can't stop noticing my nose! # 16

  • Jala Meladuro

    Still waiting for a Latinas post.. And I’ll be happy. you know Latinas are beautiful. Yet I have not seen a full post on bellezas hispanas

  • Juan

    Tengo un lapiz. Mi lapiz es amarillo.

    • TitoRigatoni

      el carro rojo es viejo.
      and there my knowledge of Spanish ends.

      • Yep

        Yo Quiero Taco Bell

        That's all I got.

  • Jala Meladuro

    more latinas please.. I’m not complaining about Chive. J love theChive! just dedicate a post to Latinas from time to time And you’ll make a few people happy. tired of seeing white girls and Asians .. But there are a few hot ones.

  • wisemx

    Yo Chive…Did you know Bill Murray got somewhat Political? http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/house/20992

  • S

    #24 well no shit

  • isaidit

    Black guys go for white girls cause they have better credit.

  • yeabuddy

    #25 challenge accepted

  • Juice

    #1 – False! Courtney Love had Curt Kobain killed 1 month after Justin Beiber was born.

  • time4taco

    #25 better get going then

  • Farrukh9
  • Kris

    #1 Too bad he didn't off himself before he released shitty music. And yes, people stuck in the 90's who bought into the "I don't care about you or the vast amounts of money I'm making that support my heroin habit" hype, I'm talking about cobain.

  • Pablo

    Vanilla doesnt come from that word … it actually comes from the spanish word Vainilla , which is the name the spanish gave to that plant because of its shape , and it means little pod .

    Yes vanilla is originally from Mexico

  • Jonny_29

    #6 Could easily be incorrect. It is too low. I'm British and probably at least 90% of the photos are of me are drunk photos as are the photos of most of my friends. Also #1 coincidence? I think not.

  • DoctorMauer

    #19 I am part of the 1%!

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    73% of all stats are made up on the spot

  • parsonsblogs

    interesting stuff!

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