25 random facts that you definitely didn’t know (25 Photos)

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  • Zodiac308

    Everyone, just let it go. We’re all just here to have a good time, right? So don’t let it get to you, just let the ignorant stay ignorant

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  • flio

    I was aware of several of these. I rule

  • Jeff

    Ok stuf, mission accomplished!…you got a bunch of people that you don’t even know pissed off and worked up…all while you sit back in your chair and laugh at all the people who think they’re going to stop you by telling you how big of a douche you are…it was a gooder I’ll give ya that one…chive on!

  • 15436

    #1 way to go, Kurt Cobain killed himself on my 4th birthday… worst birthday ever ^^

    • http://what Holden McCock

      Kurt Cobain sang, “….. and I swear …. that I don’t have a gun…” I guess that makes him a liar, huh.

  • Canadastani

    Yes, stuf is a piece of crap, but why are we taking him seriously? This is the internet. Stuf has as much power here as I do. Which is none. Ignore him/her. Lastw
    Word on the subject.

  • Tim

    At least half of these are complete fabrications. (ie: bullshit)

  • Connor

    Lol if people actually believe most of this shit they are sooo stupid and gullible.
    Look them up, they aren't true. ESPECIALLY the right tear is happiess and left is pain, such bullshit LOL, they have nothing to do with each other.
    But you know what they say, If it's on the internet it must be true right? 😉

  • Fish

    #25 – Corollary: It would take you two days to watch all of the decent videos on Youtube.

  • Anonymous

    25 challenge accepted

  • dekay1981

    #8 might be a copyright http://fav.me/d4knik5

  • b_ri

    #16 you kidding me? you're ALWAYS looking at that thing, TWICE!

  • Chris

    #3 You could also burn it off by doing nothing for 7 hours… cardio doesn't burn calories for shit


      It does when you weigh a lot

      Source: Me weighing a lot

    • whistler

      You’ve obviously never seen a fat guy running through a dessert for a month straight.

  • Anonymous

    #29 elephant shoe works too

  • Aezzle

    Is this a troll post by Chive? Over half those "facts" are bullshit.

  • DWSmith

    85.5% of statistics are made up on the spot.

  • DWSmith

    For a ‘community’ I am astonished and ashamed at the behaviour of The Chive readers. STUF, I may not agree with everything you say but I see your point. However, I respectfully give my opinion that you are not only wrong, but you are also contributing your opinion in the wrong place. This is NOT a racist community, just one of a separate demographic to yours. I’m afraid if you feel the need to continue giving your perfectly relevant point of view, do it somewhere else, otherwise you’ll find yourself very quickly ignored and skates for no proper reason.

  • DWSmith

    STUF, I hope you’re happy, you’ve got all the attention you wanted but you’re nothing but a fucking troll out to ruin everyone’s day. CONGRATS!

  • lemonDorito

    #21 is false.


    #14 And five more years than he got for molesting kids

  • Art Vandelay

    I'd say less than half of these are true!

  • Jerry

    I don’t see the posts from stuf in this thread but I’ve seen them in previous ones to get the gist. The part that I don’t necessarily understand by this community of chivers is that they’ve forgotten the motto ‘keep calm chive on’. Why let stuf get under your skin. Relax.
    ‘Breath in, breath out, move on.’ – Jimmy Buffett

  • Ricardo

    I am the 90% #22

  • Mattt

    #16 oh thanks now it doesn’t ignore anymore

  • RJW

    #1 it’s “about” the worst chive picture I’ve ever seen…

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