• Ricardo

    I am the 90% #22

  • Mattt

    #16 oh thanks now it doesn’t ignore anymore

  • RJW

    #1 it’s “about” the worst chive picture I’ve ever seen…

  • WirelessCable

    #22 not me!

  • NIck

  • HLK

    Great and well researched 'facts'. Like that MGM lion one. There were several different lions, somethingt like 5, and all combined they killed a grand total of zero people.

  • Barvazion

    100% of facts on images are fabrications.

  • joe


  • Rett

    #22 We are the 10%

    Occupy Colgate!

  • Joe

    #22 I don't. I always wet toothbrush first. I feel awesome.


    #15: talking too much s••t !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Always Last


  • alex

    #1 proof that Cobain could see the future, and it saddened him greatly.

  • Pezski

    #6 to be fair, that's an accurate reflection of our lives

  • Guy


    Is so true,my exbestfriend stopped talking to me and my other friend for about a year but know she is talking to him but she doesn't try to talk to me at all…. Oh well its life I guess

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