The amazing story of a Humpback Whale rescued from a fishing net (Video)

On February 14th, 2011, Great Whale Conservancy co-founder Michael Fishbach came across a Humpback Whale that appeared to be dead. Upon closer inspection, he found the whale was not dead, but in distress as most of it’s body was entangled in fishing net. What happened next was truly breath taking. Make sure to watch to the end, the appreciation and freedom the whale shows is astounding.

To find out more about the Great Whale Conservancy, click here.

Full story here.

And if you come across junk in the ocean, please pick it up.

  • Occupy The Gap

    Nice job!

  • cels0_o

    Real men don't cry except when your dog dies but in this case i got teary eyed after seeing it breaching in joy.

  • HamSamich

    Like a bawss!

  • mrguitfiddler

    Simply amazing!

  • poison724

    That is one of the best videos I've ever seen-awesome job by this guy and his crew.

  • chip

    anyone else notice the map of mexico is all wrong?

  • Trig

    Michael Fishbach! Whale Saver…yeah right.

  • Crecy3

    Whales breach and slap their find to destroy and remove barnacles that cling to them. After being trapped in the net, the whale was trying to remove as much as possible in the only way it knew how. Not some "happy dance". Sorry to crush your dream, do some research..

  • Snail

    Amazing just amazing. Beautiful story. Made me cry.

  • Anton

    Great work guys!

  • @jojobooth8

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I couldn't help but get all girly and teary eyed but it was worth it. Wonderful story and what great people. Gives me some hope for humanity 🙂

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  • Login

    I cried and the first tear came from my right eye.

  • Jim bob

    The wales also slap the water to communicate with other wales to far away to hear calls. “do some research” ass hole.

  • SARmedic

    I'm late to view this, but as somebody who's spent a lot of time underwater, and a total lover of sea life, that is an amazing story. The closest I've come is an hour dive with a sealion that hung out with me the entire time, but nothing as amazing as this.

    I don't understand how whaling can go on, they are quite obviously intelligent creatures. (mammals no less)

    My hat is off to those people that rescued the whale.

  • Charligirl

    The greatest story I’ve heard in a very long time. God bless those people and Valentina. 🙂
    Shame on those who place nets such as those.

  • شات عراقنا

    thank you

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