The amazing story of a Humpback Whale rescued from a fishing net (Video)

On February 14th, 2011, Great Whale Conservancy co-founder Michael Fishbach came across a Humpback Whale that appeared to be dead. Upon closer inspection, he found the whale was not dead, but in distress as most of it’s body was entangled in fishing net. What happened next was truly breath taking. Make sure to watch to the end, the appreciation and freedom the whale shows is astounding.

To find out more about the Great Whale Conservancy, click here.

Full story here.

And if you come across junk in the ocean, please pick it up.

  • domshooter

    amazing job her did. guy should get a medal

    • OHNOES

      But still … I miss the 'hump' 😦

  • Realzoo

    Awesome story and great work by those on board.

  • king daddy pawpaw

    dumb bitch, want my net back bro

  • myself

    Pretty amazing.

  • Blunt

    the killer whale saved from a crab pot line video from a few days ago was cooler simple cuz buddy had a much greater chance of being eaten after wards

    • Blunt

      Oh no I wasn't overly supportive of a video simply cuz it was posted on the chive. Blasphemous I know lmao. Here is one of the many news reports on the video I was talking about

    • nick

      "yo whale, im really happy for you and ima let you finish, but the killer whale saved form a crab pot line was cooler"….

    • Dave

      Eh. I liked the Humpback better. Still, cool story bro.

  • SoMyNameGoesHere?

    Whale and captain, coulda made it a hump day extravaganza

  • Tom Tom

    Sweet speedo bro

  • AllanA

    Must have been awesome to experience it and be that close to the whale

  • drew

    7:28 "I think she's showing us her thank you dance!"

  • Dave

    Incredable. What an oppurtunity to do something great and to get such a reward.

  • mrchambers

    awesome story, not usualy a whale enthusiast but this got me teary eyed in joy

  • Chivette11

    Jesus Chive…. :'] Man, that's beautiful…

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  • Anonymous

    Made my day. Just plain awesome and beautiful!!!

  • Max_Power

    Great story, but I can't stand these stupid comments that appear throughout the videos now! They make me argaghrhgfarhrhggrarga! So annoying! Right, rant over..

  • dochandy

    that was beyond awesome!

  • bobc

    a great way to start the day

  • killiain

    Sometimes humans don't suck……

  • Ali Ackbah (roughly translates as 'ahh my arse')

    Captain underpants saves the day!

  • Katie

    Amazing story. Made my morning. When I was about 5 we found two baby hump back whales lost in the Chesapeake Bay. They were not tangled or anything but it was amazing to watch them in person.

  • Ali

    That was such a beautiful story. I want to help!

  • Hockey Dude 11

    The whale was laughing at his speedo.

  • _Moose_

    Holy shit. That was great. Fish(bach) saves whale.

  • Carnivore

    I'm not into the whole PETA thing, but I couldn't help but smile and nearly cry uncontrollably the the whale gave a show for over 45 minutes. It was entirely amazing yet altogether understandable that a whale would show its gratitude in such a way. Chive, whale… Chive on.

    • IMHO

      *Chive on, whale..

  • Jammy


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