• GAren

    She will be missed

    • madstone

      why would a crack addicted be missed she was a great singer and even gave us the intro to xmen but how could you miss a that crazy bitch.

      • ROK247

        if the chive had a post about her last week everyone would be posting on here about how she is a washed-up, no talent crack whore. but now that she is dead she is somehow excused from all that.

    • Bobby Brown

      I already miss beating her..

      • Kyle429

        Wow, you had to go there, didn't you? FFS man, have a heart. I hope a dog pisses on your tombstone when you die.

        • madstone

          sorry he beat you to the punch.

          • Midgetized

            Oh the tragic hilarity

      • Ray j

        Me too….

    • myself

      She was immensely talented, I doubt anyone could really claim otherwise. Too bad drugs meant much more to her.

      Hopefully all thiose idoits who say , I have money to buy the good shit nothing bad will happen to me will take not that they will never have more cash then she did.

      • Dave


    • flanker

      By who, 1989? Who gives a shit except Bobby Brown. Only because he will need a new punching bag and someone to hold his crack pipe.

    • Midgetized

      I doubt the Chive expected this type of reaction, 45% are praising her 45% are demeaning her, and 10% are making humorous jokes about it. Come for the debate, stay for the punch-lines. It's what Bobby Brown would've wanted.

    • AKBAR

      really? Bush / Cheney have killed 5,500 American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and you mourn for a crack head that is 20 years past her prime….nice priorities…

  • mark


    • Hold on...

      Maybe she's just waiting to exhale

    • Dionne Warwick

      You know…I probably should have seen this coming.

  • Tyler Durden

    No sympathy for a crackhead on a bender.

    • Menhir

      Ah, another shining example of Internet douchebaggery.

      • JustinFL

        It's Not Right, but It's Okay…

        • this guy

          i see what you did there

      • pat

        if being a douchebag is telling the truth then sign me up

      • madstone

        shut up you white knight faggot, now go back to masturbating while you huff your own underwear

        • fignewton

          huff your own underwear??? And I thought I've heard it all….

          • madstone

            people that down vote things the disagree with is tantamount to jacking off into a wine glass and asking everyone if the think its the best thing they ever drank.

            • Wark

              If people shouldn't downvote things they disagree with, what should they downvote?

              • madstone

                whitney houston's mother's mothering skills.

                • Skeez

                  True story, did you just take your meds or something?

      • Kris

        Wow dude, you must be one tough son of a bitch. I can't believe how hardcore you are.

        • madstone

          you sound like a your only weapon is your words. you belong in a garbage can.

    • herp de derp

      cocaine is a helluva drug

    • bobbo

      Another brave internet idiot who knows nothing about addiction. But then again, maybe your masturbation addiction is very similar to drugs. You see it changes your brain chemistry and has nothing to do with character, will power or integrity. So, the next time you're whacking off to pictures of college girls in their panties on the chive, just tell yourself: "at least I'm better than that crackhead Whitney" MORON.

      • madstone

        I wouldn't stay with a man that beats me, also you're a faggot

    • Tinman

      To ALL the people with negative comments, everyone is allowed an opinion,thats the great thing about freedom of speech, but just for one minute imagine if your sister or Mom is addicted, and if youre an addict you know whats its like to live every minute with a need for MORE! I have always said only a lack of money really saved me for ODing. Yes she was just another person but she still deserves respect for what she did, just like everybody eles who tries and tries again! so before you rant and rave about crakhead this and dopehead that dont let a quick knee jerk ruin what an open mind, and heart can put forth.

      • Mick

      • madstone

        my brother is an addict and he doesn't deserve a parade yous stupid preaching fuck

    • qwerty

      I give Tyler Durden thumbs up. If you do drugs and die then you deserve no honors.

    • Honkey

      I got 3 words for ya…Keith F'in Richards!!!!!! That dude can hang

    • Penny

      Fuck. You. Seriously go light yourself on fire. You represent the lowest common denominator. You are a waste of breath and energy. Fuck you.

      • my 2 cents

        penny for your thoughts? lol

    • Real American Ass

      I like your honesty about how you feel. There should be no sympathy for any of you though, one day everyone will die and until that day comes KCCO; or don't it's realy up to you.

    • dbolusaf

      couldnt agree more this bitch had it coming. now brace yourselves for people acting like she was a fucking saint

    • Joshua

      bahahaha NO DOUBT!

  • shadowwight

    Wow. Too bad. Can’t say I’m surprised, though. She’s been on the decline for quite some time now. Drugs will do that to a person….

  • Lance

    Drugs ftl.

  • rsjem1979

    Wow, who knew crack was BAD for you? I thought it was the same as Flintstones vitamins.

    • guest

      And wow Bobby Brown seemed like such a good choice as a husband, who knew he'd get her addicted to drugs, ditch when she got too old, and leave her to die of an inevitable overdose.

  • CHiver


  • WhiteVanMan

    Huston, we have a problem. In the immortal words of Rick James: "Cocaine's a hell of a drug"

  • dizzle

    A bunch of classy people on here today I see

    • wakeup

      You don't give a flying fuck about any other junked out loser. So then why should anyone give a flying fuck about a celebrity junked out loser?

      • madstone


      • Dave

        because she made some good music. apparently that isn't obvious..?

  • Davey

    Kevin Costner failed as her bodyguard.

    • @brewdub17

      YES, my first comment two hours ago! and my friend was like wtf? thank you, day made

    • bobbo

      Yes, it must be true, you said it, keyboarding internet brave man. Now shut up and go back to jerking off to college girls in their panties. Because you couldn't get laid in a morgue. Chive on Moron!

      • Marc

        Damn dude, used the same insult on two posts, very original

      • Fanboy

        Hey wtf is wrong to jerking off to college girls in panties?? College girls in panties is a great benefit of the chive – damn hater!

  • KFAD

    Too bad for her children.

  • Stuf sucks dick

    Chive are Racist

    • Bobby Brown

      whatchu talkin bout willis

    • Thomas Jackson

      Wanna know something funny….usually it's always the douchebags that scream racist that are the racists themselves…. Go fuck yourself.

    • Learn to spell.

      You're an idiot.

      • Stuf sucks dick

        That was easy. Thanks for playing, everyone.

        • 1inchpunch

          Your the same dickhead who writes first all the time too aren`t you…?

  • Brian

    She had it coming. No sympathy from this guy. One less crack head to worry about

    • Tinky

      I agree…

      Look at the bright side, she beat Bobby at something!

    • ImpressMe

      Perhaps your mother did not teach you this lesson in manners and common decency….If you can't say something nice…keep your stupid mouth shut.

    • bobbo

      And one more soulless internet warrior to praise. All hail the anonymous internet Morons!

    • Flow

      I'm with you on this. Also, don't think you get unicorn-stickers for being a saint about this. You're not helping anyone by reducing topics like this to a matter of manners and decency. IMHO the decent thing to do here is point out how needless and stupid it is to die because of drugs.
      Not saying she "deserved" to die, but that still doesn't mean that her death rectifies the mistakes she made in life and it absolutely doesn't mean that you should act like it does. (No, not even for a day)

    • andrea

      One less crackhead to worry about? Oh yes I'm sure you spend so much time worrying about other people.

  • Bryan_W

    RIP Whitney

  • Phyllis Hyman

    First Michael Jackson… now Whitney…. Music is dead…

    • dwide schrude

      i feel sorry for you.

    • Derpaderp

      We always have the Jonas Brothers.

      • Righton

        and Lady Gaga.

        • blue pants

          and justin bieber

        • 39365

          why was this thumbed down? lady gaga sucks ass.

    • poy

      Their careers left with 1993…

    • New guy

      Go pick up Lamb of God's new album and don't come out of your room until you've learned how to be a man. Even if you are a woman.

    • amen!

      it's called natural selection

  • Anonymous

    Rip diva

  • http://Chive Ruth O.

    R.I.P. She will be missed. Feel bad for the children though

  • Yesh

    She will be missed – I can't lie, some of her songs were legit. Where do broken hearts go was my song for a while after I got my heart broken years ago – I'm playing it right now – awwww the memories, FML.

    • Really

      FML? She's the one that died and you write FML?

    • shifty

      Really? You have a sad life.

    • junior

      Hmmm…that was celion dieons (sp) first hit…same time frame different singer

  • DeadPool

    Tons of points awarded tonight.

    • Death Pool

      Imma clean up in da death pool

  • Rockomon

    I will watch one of the greatest movies of all time "The Bodyguard" in her memory tonight.

    • uhm, yeah,, right


    • Sjk

      Come on… Really?

    • 0943u

      you try to hold it together now, remembering that woman you didn't know……..

    • AmBush_Steve

      Really? you're putting "The Bodyguard" in the same league as Caddyshack & Ghostbusters? Come on now.

    • Internet Tough Guy

      you should try 'Requiem for a Dream'. Much more relevant to the situation.

  • someguy

    I liked her in the 80s but she smoked her life away in a crack pipe.

  • http://thechive menace

    U mean she wasent a zombie?

  • Kitten on the Keys

    R.I.P Whitney – You will be missed but never forgotten! ❤ You have created a lot of special moments with your music!

  • Susan...

    God…cant you wait…she just died….RIP…WHITNEY….REST WITH THE ANGELS

    • Rotton Corpse

      Dear Susan,

      How precious you are…

      Wait a second, looks like I spelled pathetic wrong..

      • =0-o

        ah, the chive. such a loving and humanely friendly fan-base………..

      • John

        yea, that seemed necessary..

    • bobbo

      Oh quick let's say something "quirky" or "snarky", that will prove how Chivey we are. And then we can masturbate to pictures of girls we'll never have a chance with regardless of how much money we make because we're socially retarded bores who have absolutely nothing to contribute to the world other than being faceless iphone loving corporate stooges.

      • ruwut

        100% agree.

      • fignewton

        awww bobbo's mad cause he couldn't afford a degree and still works at the local KFC 😦

  • Richard

    Only good thing I can say about her was I lost my virginity on the night I took my then GF to see The Bodyguard.

    • joshua

      Don't lie your still a virgin, we all know it…

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