FLBP: The future in a perfect world (33 Photos)

  • Jar34

    I’d screw them all

  • Mr W

    #23 we need to see more please

  • rey

    Find #6 …. I’m in love!!

  • boombeeotchizz

    #14 is my daughter.. Please take that off now… She is seventeen. Or else you know what will happen.

  • Amanda

    hi!such a great question…personaly, i think that rahtogpophy is a great help for understanding complex things like drapery, or unusual body contours. But it would be a shame to be addicted to this. To me, the first vision that you have in mind, when you begin to think about a new painting, is always stronger than any photo reference you can produce to help you during the process…that’s why i totally agree with your safeguards, especially the first one.about photoprints in B&W, it’s a good way to avoid some superfuous things. mistakes (especially according values ) can easily be commited, due to color photo references. i use this tip myself ( to my ink cartridge fault, at first, but i thought that it was much better finally 😀 )thank you for keep posting plenty of great posts. it a wonderful blog that i check every day since more than a year!!(sorry for my english mistakes :-/ )

  • BGDDY22

    If I had to choose, it would be a very "HARD" choice between #1 and #19 but deriously, what man would turn any one of these gorgeous babes down?

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