Somebody sent us a drinking kit (16 HQ Photos)

Since opening our online store, , we get a lot of stuff sent to our offices these days, some of it's good… some not. But we do take the time to consider everything the Chivers send us and give them an opportunity if we like it. We're small business owners same as you.

A couple weeks a Chiver sent us a couple PreGame Party Packs he created. It's basically an all-in-one party kit, everything you need to play your favorite drinking games.

We took it for a test run and we haven't stopped. Debaucherous visual demonstration below. You never know when you're going to need a beery bong I always say. We figured if we use it, others would too. There's a limited number available now over at theCHIVERY.

PreGame Party Packs available right here.

Night Owl PreGame Party Pack available here.

For sympathy purposes, Ellen’s Twitter here.

  • Ducci


    Fuck Doug

    • Ducci

      Yea, fuck that kid

  • secretchivette

    ALL i NEED to know is……WHERE THE HEEEELLLLLLL CAN I GET A RON FU****** SWANSON SHIRT?!?!?!?!?! In "TheBerry" lingo: WANT! Also…are v-necks coming soon?!

  • secretchivette

    Ron Swanson T-shirt or "VVVVV-NEEECKKKK" <—would be fucking epic!!!!

  • secrettchivette

    Ron Swanson T-shirt or "VVVVV-NEEECKKKK" <—would be fucking epic!!!!

    • secrettchivette

      confusins email times. finally got the hang of it. going to be commenting more….you'll hate it!;o)

  • Anonymous

    #16 why the hell is there a can of dust off??

  • G-Walla

    I see Ellen only had to be told twice.

  • HMK

    Where can I get the Ron Swanson tshirt? Do you still make it?

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