The greatest CEO in the world? (6 Photos)

  • LCC

    The world needs more people like this.

    • shamshe

      Ron Paul is like that

      • dedubs

        i like ron paul, but that was a stupid comment

        • Ned Plimpton

          Ron Paul isn't a successful business owner…. Herman Caine on the other hand….

      • Nolaboy

        No! Ron Paul is not like that!!

        Ron Paul is not Japanese!

        • DaddyD

          Ron Paur?

    • DeDav

      the world just needs to think more about the group, not just themselves. That's why he did it, it's part of Japanese culture, work towards the goals of the group, not individual goals.

      • you'reallidiots

        actually he did it after ruining the company and taking it into bankruptcy in 2010. if you look to the Chive for finance advice you need to get out more

        • Chris

          I believe he did 2007 before 2010…you might be the idiot.

        • Point of the Matter

          the fact is that this man would take the cut and take the small salary as a CEO is the damn point in the first place when all these CEOs in America are greedy as hell

    • AssClown

      There are already a couple of billion of these.

    • ale

      Meanwhile, in Mexico… we have that crap CEO person, Carlos Slim.

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Thats what I call…..LIKE A BOSS!

    • Mr. H

      Best comment on thread…

    • hMMMM


  • iambigd42

    Our CEOs could learn a thing or two from this guy

    • Jonathan

      Many of our CEO's do the same thing.

      • WestPoint

        Not enough

      • Guest

        You should change your choice of words from "many" to a "few." A "few" many even be generous.

        • great diggler

          "lots" make over $200-million in the US?? right….way to keep it objective and fact-based.

          but either way, the system is effed up – need more CEOs like this chap.

    • Dan

      Steve Jobs' salary was $1 a year, same with the guy from Google.

      • jbt

        yeah, and he had billions in apple stock he never paid taxes on because he never sold them, so there's that.

        • DiggityDog

          He was also a selfish dick that used wage-slave labor to make inferior overpriced products.

  • Silky the slut!

    I dig it! Stay classy!

  • The_Stif

    I'm gonna take a long lunch.

  • gmen

    finally!! i've actually had to work the past hour!!

    • JDB

      No shit, but that post was too short. Good, but too short.

      • BJD

        Of course it is…all asians are short

  • chrisdg74

    Kind of makes you wanna slap some of our CEO's. Getting $100 million "Golden Parachutes", while running their companies into the ground.
    I'd better stop. I feel a rant coming on.

    • OhSomeEvil

      amen brother.

    • Solitaire

      I wonder how many people on this site know what a golden parachute is, and that its not sexual…. 😛

      I agree. Bravo Mr. Nishimatsu.

    • chris


  • Stick

    Wish this was 'Murrica.

  • Musabi

    That's amazing that he is making less than the people he oversees. I wish more CEOs would take after his example.

  • @mcraephoto

    This guy is really great….I still can't fathom what 200,000,000 would even look like. KCCO

    • dedubs

      Like this –> $200,000,000.00 since our money is mostly digitized anyway

      • Endo

        Then it actually looks like this: 001001000011001000110000001100000010110000110000001100000011000000101100001100000011000000110000

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    We have CEOs that took $1 a year in pay, still called them them blood suckers. Of course they also already had tens of millions in the bank and millions more in stock… my $12 in bus passes is about par with that. Of course I plan on trying to trade those passes for some rock…but to each his own

    • SocialDefect

      They make $1 dollar a year in salary for tax purposes. Their real income comes in incentives and other non taxable income.

      • andfukyamoms

        Glad not everyone is an idiot. They took a one dollar salary so that there next year's income tax is nonexistent. If you have no income every other year you hardly pay any income taxes. All they are doing is further working the system.

        • Jdog

          Yup. Warren Buffet does this!

          • Sarge

            so did Steve Jobs

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          I like the part where you meant *their instead of *there after you essentially said that whoever doesn't agree with you is an idiot. If you don't like the way it is then become a CEO of a company and do what this guy did.

    • Cyb3rStalk3r

      They take $1 a year, because the legally have to. They get money by borrowing against their stock, which pays itself off as the stock rises (typically). Then they don't have to report any income or capital gains. Steve Jobs had billions in stock, so he earned millions a year in stock value that he could "borrow", but never had to pay back out of pocket. Mitt Romney does the same thing, he even lobbied to keep that money tax free.

  • Juan

    But how is anyone suppose to survive on $100,000 a year? Jk, thumbs up to him!

  • Pillowhead

    Give me a break. "Lots of CEO's earn $200 million a year". My aching ass.

    • JOHN

      10 people must mean "lots"

      • boomerangtheatre

        Yeah, I think this 200 mil number is total BS. 20 mil a year, maybe. But again, that is on par with actors making shitty movies, athletes who have up and down years, and rock stars. Perspective is a funny thing, huh?

        • Nubes

          this is clearly a typo! The Chive knows boobs, not numbers!

    • Endo

      I doubt that b/c that means he's making $1,269.20 a year.

  • Crushum

    How many fucks am I supposed to give?

    • Many_fucks


      • chicago

        2 1/2

    • The Guy

      Just the one to your mom.

    • Smashme


      sorry guys

  • Katie

    Can we send this to all of the CEO's who make 200,000,000. And say "WE WANT HIM"

    • Jonathan

      There are only about 3 of them, so it would not take long.

    • NameMattersNot

      SO Agreed!!

  • Tan

    This man is pretty awesome! Side note, does he look like an Asian Tommy Lee Jones?

  • Hassel Shattnerhoff

    Stepping up to the plate and making a difference, finally a person in power who is not ruled and motivated by money. Find what matters … to you.

  • Just Some Guy

    Yup. Like Warren Buffett. There are many other CEOs that are awesome. Many billionares/millionares have pledged to give away their money once they pass away.

    • Jdog

      WB takes that $1 a year in salary to dodge taxes. Not awesome.

  • GernBlansten

    Just curious, how much additional compensation does he get outside his base salary? Because when you look at CEO compensation, it usually is mostly stock options and profit sharing incentives.

    Steve Jobs' salary was $1 a year for several years before his death…..

    • 99%

      As is Mark Zuckerberg's salary, for tax purposes

    • gmen

      Same with Mayor Bloomberg here in NY. He also takes the subway into work every morning. So although he doesn't earn money from being Mayor, he still has several other assets and is still worth billions.

    • mattythegooch

      I'm sure his "stock options", etc, etc more than make up for his mere salary.

  • wassup?

    Like a true boss, none of that asshole, fuck my employees shit everyone hears about. A true boss. Good on him

  • 99%

    JAL just got out of bankruptcy last year, and filed well after he took the pay cuts in 2008. Obviously, the business was in dire straights.

  • Seldi84

    #1 Now that is what a CEO is supposed to do. Take a pay cut so you don't have to lay off anyone. A lot of business need to learn from this man.

    • Erich

      Wish my wife's employer would take a page from his book. They received TARP funds (paid back in full) and during that time STILL awarded insane bonuses to execs who nearly ruined the company! She's on the bottom rungs and brings money IN to this company. What does she get? 1% raise for years of dedicated service, gobs of working OT, and generally being awesome.

      • Hercules

        JP Morgan?

    • Between the BS

      actually he laid off more than 16,000 people, racked up $16 B in debt, $13 billion in losses, and put the company into bankruptcy. A lot of businesses need to learn what NOT to do from this man.
      Needless to say, he left the company after filing for bankruptcy protection in March 2011.

      • BobaFett

        Using bankruptcy laws in business is NOT a bad thing. Just ask the Donald. Or the owners of The UFC, the Fertitta Brothers. Or GM.

    • The_Dood

      Sounds like my boss…

    • CoLNo1


  • Amigo

    He must own a tit-load of stock

  • meat42

    LIKE A BOSS. Perhaps some CEOs over here could take a lesson.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      The US has them. Check out Jim Sinegal, CEO of Costco Wholesale. Very similar, low annual salary, open desk space, eats lunch with everyone else.

  • Bobby

    He had to do these things because JAL has been emerging from bankruptcy last year.

    • Tom

      A US ceo would have run the company into the ground and then asked for his bonus so your point is invalid.

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