Hot Right Now: Emily Lewis is the apex of the vortex of babe engineering (20 Photos)

There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (92 Photos)

Thanks again to all our stunning Chivettes for making the world's Friday a little bit brighter. As usual, we get so many submissions check back next week if you don't see yourself today.

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes submit your awesome photos right here.

Stay tuned for the HQ DAR!


  • Macdeezy

    #31 I just hung up my Camis for the last time…id love to help you take yours off**

  • klhjkghj

    #55 say whaaaaaat

  • Bussie

    #84 reppin it for the Minnesota girls!!

  • AFE

    #15…….Hottest one out of the entire group.

  • Steve

    why are there no chive ladys where I live?

  • jer

    78 i feel like ive seen you before but in a thong.
    92 i want to marry you and have my babies

  • justin

    #53, STOP STOP STOP………you’re a stripper, a fitness pole instructor is just another name for stripper coach….accept it.

  • Donz

    I haven’t seen a single chivette from my home Long Island NY. Why u no represent???

  • JamesMFP

    #53…. you make your money on the same pole as a stripper…your a hot stripper….KCCO

  • Bobo

    #31 #32 I love these two and want more!!!!!

  • Jezza67

    51 -Single? impossible. What's wrong with you guys? 59 Sorry to hear it. Anything one can do? Otherwise mad love to all the Chivettes for making my week. Thank you.

  • john

    Number 63! Go Edmonton! Woo

  • Dustin

    #19 first time seeing a chivette from Winnipeg 😛

  • ltdansgotnolegs

    #83 I about fell out of my chair. You rock! Thank you!!

  • ramon

    #59, I had a rough week too. Wish we could talk about it. #84, a girl after my own heart, BEST MOVIE EVER!!!

  • Matt

    #66 = beauty

  • bkfrijoles

    #30 hottie

  • Tucknutz

    #84, awesome sauce.

  • Dano

    #38…The tats are OK, the tits are outstanding!! #84…John (Bruce Willis) would be proud! MOAR please!

  • EyeGuy

    #86 Thank you!! But the damn MOA is so huge…. how will you be found…..

  • Dave Hannett

    #79 looks like a young, hot, healthy Lara Flynn Boyle. before all the lip injections and plastic surgery.

  • utahchiveofficer

    18 love the Utah chivette. See we are not all prudes.

  • ryan


    see moar of that tattoo

  • mith

    #12 Maybe you should try picking up your shit and running a vacuum from time to time. #78 I love office sluts!

  • Long Dong

    25, show it from the back

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