For the leg guys out there (35 photos)

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  • Noegod

    #12 this one should have been in the wtf post!

  • northerner

    #13, stunning legs and a lovely tush. AND…she wet her panties…nicely done, girl! Works for some of us!

  • crash

    dear chive: of course you are already probably the best site ever, but thanks to the new 'legs' post- i'm upgrading you to "the hands-down, all-around, unquestionably, irreversibly, horny-making, lady googling, leg looking, boob grabbing, beer drinking, party chasing, prank pulling, keg-standing, rockin-est good time on the web. feel free to make that the new tagline…

  • Toxie

    Legs are nice, but its whats on the inside that counts.

  • CLTerrell

    Please… great legs are an extension of an epic ass… #19 has that…. rarely do you find that… Kim Kardashian doesn't even have that…. cuz she's all ass… nothing more,,,, Come on CHIVERS,,,, we've seen enough ass to know great legs when we see them… that round but supple shape with or without clothes that makes legs look great…….. to hell with the shoes… a bomb ass is one that doesn't need shoes to point it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Swarley

    #1 #4 #19 #34

  • Preston

    This should be a weekly column!!!!

  • Snatchsniffer

    #35, is a porno slut, I wish I could remember her name, anyone out there remember??

  • Jastogie

    #34. that is one tall woman. Who is that?

  • Anonymous

    35 cutest girl ever

  • David


  • Fred

    More stockings please

  • BigE

    I'm thinking ham sandwich, but not the one in his hand. I'd like to tickle her deli meat with my tongue!!!

    • BigE


  • bkfrijoles

    #18 you had me at the legs but God damn you'll keep me by the cookies

  • Anonymous

    #35 melanie rios? You can definitely see her without clothes on, only at special websites…ehhemm..

  • Rich

    My favorites from this GREAT set (& I'm definitely a leg man 🙂 is #5,#18,#20 & #21 🙂

  • jojoleb

    #17 anyone ?Find her !!

  • Gary

    more more more!!!!

  • Dsan

    #35 pff… yeah the "legs"

  • RichG.inIN

    Great legs and butts in pics 15 and 25.

  • John

    nice picture! thanks for sharing!

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  • Grumpbyright

    #2 now we know what heaven will be like…

  • Mehrdad

    Sexy Foot&Legs

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