Inventive clothing you have to be slightly insane to wear (30 Photos)

When you’re ready to phone it in on society, these are clothes you might be found in.

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #9 could lead to some mean chafing and fun… <p class="comment-thumbs"><a style="display: block; width: 135px; height: 78px;" href=""><img style="position: absolute;" class="comment-thumb" id="img-9-incomment-298219332" width="135" height="78" src="; alt="Image #9" border="0">

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      why does it do that if you edit a post?

      • TheFlintSkinny

        Just edit it again and be sure to delete all the extra code.

        • Underbaker

          Before you reply to it that is, once you reply all you can do is delete from an intensedebate profile.

  • echogeo

    I can deal with this sort of insanity.

    • Katie


      • echogeo

        I hope you model it for us when you get them Katie.

  • r@f

    These are standard clothings for Gaga

    • just_some_guy

      You know how I know you're gay…?

      • @McBeastie666

        yes, because the only people in the world who have ever seen a picture of Gaga are gay people. but at least you are helping kill that meme.

        • King of Douche

          STFU Scum

  • MoChiver

    #30 want!

    • Underbaker

      Mine look that way already with just regular flip flops.

    • GrayDog

      They are made by a company named Billy Bob Products.
      They are sold also on, among other places.

      • Bong Breath

        Thank you GrayDog. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • TWON925

    #14 Hipsters wet dream

    • tsam waters

      i would so rock these. i fucking love google . android ftw fuck u iOS

      • hyt

        Yeah, hipsters wouldnt use google products. Google = Android.

    • Samantha Kristal

      I'd wear em, but I sir, am no hipster. Just a girl who loves shoes.

  • Bobby

    #22 #26 #28 are cool!

    • Underbaker

      I saw a grandma wearing something like #26 going into Best Buy yesterday. Had to look twice to figure out it was one of them Tattoo shirts.

  • Anonymous

    Actually like 22

  • TheFlintSkinny

    #20 Nice Peter approves of Superman socks.

    • James

      Flying high in my Superman socks.

  • mid131

    Want #9 and #22 🙂 Both could lead to some fun

    • ThatJoshGuy

      I can see #9 as an awesome outfit for a female study buddy!

  • zoxymusic

    #8 Find Her!

    • batman

      meh nty

  • Andrew


  • GoForth

    No kitten mittens?

    • Pointed Sticks

      Their cats are not that loud.

  • wayniac424

    beer mittens = legit

  • Backslash

    #29 awwww…………

    • Deadpool


    • etcrr

      im gonna order that for me and Underbaker

    • SamuelT

      I feel Forever Alone! 😦

  • Jayavc

    I think #9 #16 #19 and #22 are kinda cool

  • Shar11

    #27 good for old ppl

  • AllanA

    #6 #20 I'll wear that

  • @saintbaxter

    Oh yeah, it's New York Fashion Week, isn't it?

  • All methed up

    I’m not smitten that you didn’t post a picture of kitten mittens

  • JerryLinGiant

    #27 i have those. definitely geekiest think i bought! u can get them at


    #5 So glad my dad just had a normal belt while I was growing up instead of this OUCH!

  • OhBeJoe

    Bonnet? Seriously bonnet? What is this the feckin 1800's. What's wrong with the word hat?

  • Tulsa Chiver

    #19 These are awesome!

    • Scuba Steve

      Riiight… for beer >_>

    • asd

      Why would u want to warm your beer? ._.

  • Woodrowrules

    #22 Moar Please

  • misschris

    #21 Is it weird that I really want these?? No. No I don't think it is 🙂

    • guy

      You are not alone.

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