• Dee


    • Underbaker

      Yes, the same girls out of their bikinis walking in slow motion.

      • Oscar

        The same girls out of their bikinis walking in slow motion with a nutella samich for you…

  • browncoat

    Have you ever tricked your dog by throwing two tennis balls and he doesn't know which way to go? Kinda like that.

  • Dano


    This has been another edition of "Simple Answers to Complex Questions".



  • Brent

    Yes, a girl in a bikini walking in slow motion in HD.

    • TRG

      HD, oh good lord please edulge us with the HD version

  • Jason

    Works for me

  • Jhoratio

    Dare I ask…Moar?

  • Raf
    • TRG

      She's not even 17 yet

      • TBT

        Fap fap fap fap

      • Shinrahunter

        Still legal.

      • Grant

        If her feet touch the floor when she takes a dump…She's old enuff!! MOAR!!!!

    • jojoleb

      thats the 1st girl right ??: THANK YOU !! lol

  • Greg

    This is why i love america 😛

  • brian

    a girl without a bikini walking in slow motion…?

  • ksdgjf


  • KCJake

    This video could reunite the country. Perhaps… the world.

  • Der_Joe

    make it longer
    make it HD

  • Russell

    You call that slow motion??? Not slow enough to make me go gaga!

  • troy

    the change room is the next place to be

  • etcrr

    All manor of heaven, To many directions at once, cannot concentrate, Can there ever be too much awesomeness?

  • spicticus

    how about close ups?

  • SultanOfSwing7

    I'll take the one on the right

  • CowboyTY

    OH MY GOD!!!!!

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