Meanwhile, at Mardi Gras… (35 Photos)

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  • justanothersquaddie

    Man alive America’s parties ain’t too bad eh??

  • newscot

    I had no idea that there were Mardi Gras celebrations outside of New Orleans. But then again, we don't celebrate it in Canada – we just eat pancakes.

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Don"t be sad Banana…..don't be sad

  • liquid nails

    Mardi gras new Orleans was best time I ever had, highly recommend u do it once in ur life, nothing like being there, pics don’t reflect the full experience….it is a must on everyones bucket list!

  • Chivette B

    #3, #16, #18
    Love seeing the St. Louis Chivers represent at the third largest Mardi Gras celebration in the world. Way to go!

  • My_3_Things

    #26 Holy Ab Tuesday

  • Gallus

    #4 and #19 – Cummon, guys, it's Mardi Gras. Where are the boobs?!

  • bkfrijoles

    #15 loves the smile

  • dude

    Is 19 chasity merlow?

  • ASSman


  • AmericoPolk

    #25 is amazing

  • Yeti

    Oh wow I know the guy on the left in #24 …..didn't know he was a Chiver!

  • http://Chive Summer sausage

    St Louis also has one of or the largest Susan G. Coleman parades every year and also had a welcome home parade for the Irac war veterans at the end of January this year. New York turned down putting the parade on because they couldn’t get things together in time for it. Gee, they just put on a Super Bowl parade in a short period of time. Maybe they forgot about 9/11

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