Blackout Dan will ruin your party (20 Photos)

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  • walker

    Uses your bath towel to seal the gap between door and floor.

  • Mojos

    Has sex in your bed with your little sister and gets blood on the sheets,
    says he'll pay you back for 'mysteriously' ruined sheets.

    Never pays you back

    • Ned Plimpton

      That's just creepy, dude.

  • Sean NAY!

    Drank all your beer

    Pukes on you

  • Victor T

    Offers to drive. First one to call out, “SHOTS!”

  • guhhlito

    Ask for a ride home

    Passes out on the way and wont wake up

  • Kevin

    Calls over some chicks..they don’t have teeth

  • somethin irish

    Fun fact you can get a dui on a bike

  • TheDude

    #15 – recycled scumbag steve

  • Yeoms

    Why can't I view these wonderful pics anymore?


      same problem

  • mark


  • Man on a Ledge

    You can view them by using this address and just changing the last number (1-18) to see the corresponding picture…


    1) Loves to cuddle, with your shampoo
    2) Shits in your sink, storms out when accused
    3) Let's shotgun, this Bacardi
    4) Rides his bike for the "environment", has 8 dui's
    5) Loves the outdoors, no idea how he got there
    6) "Hey guys, watch this", last words
    7) I'll text you the address, dsafa46jmwhv
    8) Wakes up in closet, claims he found Narnia
    9) Pukes on something, disappears
    10) Passes out in your bed, pukes
    11) Sees a man 3 times his size, talks shit to him
    12) Sets off the fire alarm at 3am, cooking your food
    13) 21st birthday party, dies
    14) Sleeps on your couch, after he takes it outside and burns it
    15) Doesn't remember breaking the door off your fridge, "Bro, that doesn't sound like something I'd do"
    16) Sorry I puked on your, house
    17) Her name was either Tiffany, or Steve
    18) Make your own

  • Trav

    pisses inside of your fridge… then tries to drive home

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  • MissVega84

    #20 "Yo Bro! I got 2 Dollars on a Case of Beer!"

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