Girl tattoos boyfriend of 1 week on her arm. A Facebook thread ensues (12 Photos)

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    […] girl-tattoos-boyfriend-of-1-week-on-her-arm-a-facebook-thread-ensues […]

  • Guest

    hahahahahahahahah this was amazing!

  • Craig

    Real or fake, who cares, this is golden!

  • Sandra Allen

    That poor girl is dumber than a sack of hair…

  • Anonymous

    It’s fake? How fucking stupid.

  • DickWolf
  • BrooklynRed

    waaay too much. there is NO FUCKING WAY i would get a boyfriends name tattooed on me, let alone his face! what the fuck were you thinking?!

  • Lexo

    i want a shirt too this is priceless

  • Anonymous

    Chick..your needy and insane.boy youre insane for stickin it out this long…

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    […] Girl tattoos boyfriend of 1 week on her arm — a Facebook thread ensues! : theCHIVE Reply With Quote   + Reply to Thread […]

  • Jco

    That's just a Vanilla Ice tattoo.

  • CG@G


  • v1rtualbr0wn

    Sharpie tat

  • eric

    FIND HER!!

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  • Anonymous

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  • vicky

    The way you know how fake this is is that their grammar and spelling are just too spot on. Those people are too dumb to write that well.

  • karissa

    Had a horrible day.but I think this just made my week

  • Georgia

    LMFAO! Are there really people this stupid in the world?

  • Craig

    Real or fake, I still think the shirt deserves to made

  • tanessa

    I just about peed my pants laughing at this thread.

  • idunno

    I want to see the picture linked in #9 but the URL is wrong.

  • NoSuckerHere

    I believe the whole topic is a garden. I think this was only cooked up to see how many comments they can get and how many times the page gets around all of the social websites. I guess you can count me in now.

  • singlegirlsurvival

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    Here is what Facebook craziness can look like.

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