Making a canvas of the snow outside (13 Photos)

Via flickr

  • Butler

    To much time on your hands

  • mike

    did they rent a chopper to take the photos after?

  • etcrr

    At least it isn't yellow snow

  • Sheldon

    Not gonna lie, pretty cool.

  • dbsnydes

    snowboarding plans for this weekend are now in jeopardy

  • d1gitalpunk

    so are these from aliens too?

    • Mrs_Conejo

      the truth is out there

    • SpacemanSpiff

      Aoleon Joffer queen of Zamunda

      • JOHN

        Aoleeeun… Uh… Alien. Try the Lay-Z-Boy

  • MattKL

    That is crazy cool.

  • tattie bogle

    ALIENS there is no other explanation!

    • sadman

      I believe it is natural and I need a 5 million dollar grant to do research.

  • Kcruz09

    I would get too dizzy doing this.

  • Alpha0010

    Now what happens when one idiot doesn't notice and walks all over it?

    • Puddin

      Could be wrong 'ere, but I dinna think it's sapposta be permanent (Scottish)

  • Drunkard

    must…buy….. Chive tee….. must buy….

  • DotsOfColor

    Reblogged this on Dots Of Color.

  • Felix

    HD please, make this a desktop!

  • Alien
  • so310

    this is fucking retarded

  • SeanFzL

    Now that's a good way to burn a few calories!

  • JOHN

    I don't have a job either

  • lol

    get a life

  • Woody


  • Mrs_Conejo

    #13 looks like stitching on a blanket.

  • hark1985

    SIGNS!!! Put tin foil on your heads!

  • DublD's

    Or, my drunken walk home

  • Bored

    Pretty sure those are from ancient aliens. They do this kinda stuff when they get bored.

  • Dr.Greenthumb

    fuckin cropcircles

  • Anonymous

    Man if that was pee i’d be damn impressed

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