User submit: Last moments in Iraq (7 Photos)

  • etcrr

    Great photos welcome home soldier. Thank you for your service

  • Franklin1138

    #5, one of the safest places in the world…behind a .50-cal.

  • cody

    why are all the trucks graffitied

  • King of the North

    #3 TAJI!!! i remember that place!

  • Diana

    Those are some fantastic pthoos. I wish mine would come out as well as your’s have! I love the ones you took on days 5 and 6.I read your tips for taking better pthoos and I have to say I’ve fallen foul of point number 2 far too often. Some of the pthoos I took during a recent trip to Strasbourg have an obvious tilt to the left. Nothing a bit of Photoshop wizardry can’t fix, but it’s so easy to make this mistake.

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