Another house that I would give up my entire pog collection to obtain (24 Photos)

  • Thee Chad

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    This is NOT your house.

  • Dary

    Holy Fock

  • Dick Salad

    Celebrities live in houses too!

  • @budman43224


  • Mikey

    I'm never going to run out of crap for my Pinterest. Thanks Chive!

    • seriously?


    • yup

      Still a fag

  • Chad

    Pretty sure this was T.O.’s house when he lived in LA. It was on the “T.O. Show”.

  • echogeo

    The same people who claim more than a handful is a waste probably ask, "What would I do with all that space?"


    • vince

      I agree. The more space you have the less you want to leave. I would all Howard Hughes up in that place. Where else would want to be if you lived there?

    • techno_viking

      Plenty of room for activities…

  • joe

    monster titties

    • john

      agreed Joe!

      • joe

        what do you like more john, monster titties or big ass titties?

        • john

          well joe that would have to be monster big ass titties all together.

          • joe

            oh very good my friend, those would certainly be the ultimate titties

            • john

              Indeed sir those would be awfully tittastic

  • My_3_Things

    Nice, but I'd still rather spend my money on a mail order bride… speaking of which haven't seen one of those posts in a while

  • Bob

    I hate to be the guy that has to disagree, (actually, I don't, but that's neither here, nor there) but this house needs one thing to be way better. Carpet. Hard wood floors make me want to fucking puke.

    • Awesome

      You stay classy, Bob Diego

    • O!Snap!

      Your comment takes you out of the upper class and puts you firmly in the middle.

  • irons

    Meh, too much upkeep and tax costs.

    • mick0311

      Do you really think someone that owns this house is concerned with upkeep and taxes? LMAO. Yeah, I'm sure they are on their knees once a week scrubbing the floors.

  • Jayyy

    Can I come live with you then Bob??

    • ORLY

      so…… many…….. SQUARES!!!

      • ORLY

        meant to post that as a main reply. fuck it…

    • Butt Munt Key

      If you lived with me, yes I would let you bob my peanuts, thanks for asking (ass-queen)

  • Sluttypanda

    I've never wanted to have sex with a house until now

  • Dick Salad

    If I was mega rich, I'd build a house with tons of secret passages. But that is just the start. I'd probably go all goonies and horde a good portion of my wealth in an elaborate tunnel system. Hide a few vellum treasure maps and hope that 50 years after I die a group of teens find them.

    • Pewpt E Pantz

      Cool story, dickfaced anus prober

  • Johhnyslappingham

    Know how I know your gay?

  • Kirt

    If own that house you dont care about taxes and upkeep….just sayin though

  • Del

    Remind me to get a Powerball ticket…. and invent something….

  • Bird

    Chive you should give landscape architects some love too and feature the high line in New York on one of your post sometime.

  • rayceManyon

    I was kinda hoping to see his POG collection.

  • The J

    Give up your Pog collection? No way! Can you imagine having a supermodel Pog party out by #23 ? I don't think you really thought this one through.

    • Perdurabo

      What's a pog?

  • FeloniousFish

    Need, Want, and Checkmate!

  • Fred

    The bar is gay

  • huskercub

    Nice house. Too bad it is in Cali.

  • Sum guy

    No swim up bar? Burn it. The bras that is.

  • Shar11

    love this house…

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