• jazfish

    I'm not a soccer/futball fan, but you can clearly see the talent.

  • http://www.PresaleGames.com Tacos117

    It's still just soccer…..

  • dammy

    thank you chive! thank you for showing this! this guy is awesome! kcco!

  • keen_owl

    It's a god damn weeble wobble!

    But cool video, and music.

  • anti 'US ignorance'

    Seriously… there is 32 NFL teams and 119 division one american football teams at a collegiate (college, think NCAA for your xbox). even then, each team plays about 16 regular season games a year and 20 if they go all the way, Im talking superbowl champs and preseason included 23 max at a professional level… with about 11 minutes of actual playtime. college teams play even less…

    Since so many of you are obviously uneducated in the subject I'll take ONE example: the english premiere league has 20 professional teams all play a home and an away game for 38 games a season. hold on, doesnt end there…

    theres also cups within those like FA cup where even more games can be played… on top of that champions or europa league against the top teams of that region, europe northern africa etc… point is 90 minutes of grueling non-stop movement with a 15 minute half time and all this before factoring in National team games at an international level… yes, these players are also, if chosen, expected to play teams from other nations for global prestige…

    so when you say that theyre a bunch of pussies, chances are that out of the thousands of games played by the worlds teams only certain events make american media, and being the degenerate livestock that american consumers are you take it all as fact… and if you dont think theres flopping in american footballyou're probably dumber than I give you credit for…

    • Marky

      And can you imagine Madonna performing at half time of the World Cup final or the winning goal being scored by accident?

  • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

    This is the best six and a half minutes I've spent on the chive this week!! ❤

  • trev

    messi doesnt dive BUT everyone else on barcelona does ALOT

  • Tiago

    that's why he is better than ronaldo. and i'am from portugal

  • Yoyoma

    He’s Wayne Gretzky on grass. Sickness.

  • MMM

    beautiful and refreshing

  • M.O.T.

    I've been saying this for years, he just doesn't dive. Plus any player that can crush the hearts of Man U in two Champions League finals is a legend regardless.

    • NickerS

      To say that Messi doesn't dive is a fallacy. He just does it a LOT less and tries to stay on his feet a lot more compared to his super star contemporaries.

  • Tyler

    That's pretty rad. The guy seems to get raped up and down the field, but he keeps going. Way to man up.

  • Lucas

    So we are supposed to congratulate a guy for not diving?

    I’m glad I watch hockey.

  • Raddory Gewe

    Divers are taking over basically every popular sport. I think hockey sees it the least fortunately, but it's getting real common and real old in basketball. A player gets his pinky finger grazed on a shot and he falls down like he got tackled and cries. Get up, you're disgracing the game, yourself, and your team. Divers need to stick to the pool where they belong.

  • Lucas

    True. PK Subban should switch from NHL to Canadian olympic diving team.

  • celentano

    what name the first song?

  • Ryan0229

    Your argument is invalid – I would still rather watch paint dry than watch 1 min. of soccer.

  • k.b.z.

    fucking americans, so ignorant to the worlds beauty. Classifying yourself to be a man because you WATCH another sport?? if your a real man you'd appreciate a true athlete in whatever way shape or form he (or she) may come. live a little and appreciate all sports, theres a reason why you watch these people on t.v. and aren't playing against them.

  • nottrue
  • fibonacci5150

    He is the 1%

  • Scott

    The great thing about soccer is 45 mintues (no commercials), haltime, 45 minutes (no commercials. Non stop action.

  • http://twitter.com/arsenaloFka @arsenaloFka

    oh let's all bow down to saint Messi.

  • eljefe9

    Greatest in the world right now, no argument.

  • derp

    so instead of taking dives, he trips as often as he can?

  • Amadeus

    he doesn't dive, but the guy score goals with his hands

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