Offices I’d pay to work at (40 Photos)

  • myself

    Seeing older people send their bags down the slide then themselves coming down the slides when I was doing some product testing at Google was The older they were the bigger teh grin.

    #22 Do want.

    • fignewton

      Y U No make sense?

    • MatadorPride

      This is obviously an attempt to write something quickly – so he could be "FIRST!!!!!" – le douchebag!

  • JerryLinGiant

    #11 I'm guessing google has waaay too many google based puns in their office.

    "And over here is our chicken google soup station"

  • dgvw

    It surprises me that you guys need an office like that when all you do is surf the net looking for funny pictures.

    • McManus


    • @bunkerpunkk

      Need vs. Want (Can't Afford vs. Can Afford)

      • JuanHunglow

        Should have used that money to order more shirts. Yep I am still mad.

    • SMT

      I dig it. They have to be able to KC&CO in order to give us our chive!

  • MattKL

    #6 Most definitely. I could be really stressed at work, getting a ton of crap thrown my way. But being able to step into the Aquarium Room, sit back in a recliner and decompress for a few? Yes, I would work there.

  • Direthol

    y u no leave coments?

  • Stephen

    # 28 I just applied for a job where in the description it said “just installed slot car track in break room” sweet mother of god I hope it looks half as awesome as that

    • Underbaker

      Would have me leery about why the last guy left. Thought I would have had a great time when I was stationed at Prince Sultan Air Base back before we took out Bin Laden. Had free movie theater, free dry cleaning, free cafeteria, nice Gym with racketball courts, swimming pool, free video rentals, and a nice Pub over in the Brits area. The 2 big downsides were no alcohol (didn't phase me too bad) and I had to work 15 hours a day 6 days a week. So yeah I am always suspicious of supposed great working conditions.

  • Fridge Magnet

    This just makes me more depressed to be working where I work.

  • Anonymous

    Nice offices….. But can they Chive all day……

  • Jon

    #23 a company i work for sells these

  • kruwreka

    #30 Frederick Flintstone moves into middle-management
    #31 Only closers get a window

  • Jameswastaken

    I feel like my job should have a boxing ring for those particularly bad days.

  • Rahm Emanuel

    or you could make it…that will never happen…unions are fucked.

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  • heywoodjablowme

    stuff like this is why your economy is in the toilet America. How do you expect anyone to get any work done when you've spent so much time, effort and money providing distractions and entertainment for your employees?

    • Herpderp

      It actually has the opposite effect. Happy employees will work harder overall. Disgruntled employees will drive your business in the tank. I am also a fan of no set work hours. Put in 2 here, 4 there, 2 there, etc. It does not have to be 8 hours in a row to be productive.

      • DDD

        'merica needs offices like this , we have the LEAST amount of vacation in the free world…….

    • Lisa

      Are we sure all of these are in America? Because I would bet that at least a couple of them are European

      • Josh

        They aren't. The first handful is Google Zurich

    • Jayyy

      Who invited Debby Downer?

      • @mayerjacoby

        heywood, let's see your evidence to back up your rhetoric!

    • that guy

      happy cows make the best milk

    • thedude325

      all work and no play makes jack a dull boy….

  • dashete

    #27 Monday staff meeting with Dr.No must be stressful

    • varlotto

      the bottom of the floor opens up to reveal a tank full of sharks with fricken laser beams attached to their fricken heads

    • Anonymous

      Close, it's Julian Assange's Wikileaks lair


    Fuck this site. FORMERLY loyal Chiver here, got fucked over hard by the shirt fiasco yesterday. Just wanted a fucking shirt, and instead I get bullshit about technical difficulties. Does the Chive own up to their shit? No, they pass it off, "We don't run the Chivery…" blah blah fucking blah. I MADE SURE I was on the site at 12pm PST and still got fucked over multiple times. You dropped the fucking ball, own your shit, Chive, and not with some cutesy "Ooo, I know I'm gonna hear it in the comments section, here's a pic of an ass to make up for it." Go fuck yourself.

    • Heard that

      Preach it. You'll probably get some hate, but same thing happened to me. I dunno, kinda took the fire out of being a chiver…

      • SMT

        Awww you didnt get your shirt…. Grow up and quit complaining about First World Problems

        • TommyD

          You obviously don't deserve one anyway. Anybody who throws a hissy fit over a T-shirt is obviously not Keeping Calm and Chiving On.

    • freesubscriptions

      Its a fucking t shirt, check your priorities

      • peepee

        U a Cunt. Check.

      • Heard that

        Yeah, figured the hate was coming. I don't think it's really about priorities, dude, I think it's about waiting for something and then getting BF'ed (and no, not "best friended"). It's pretty harsh, man.

        • @McBeastie666

          First World Problems

          • JuanHunglow

            More cliched terms please

          • King of Douche

            STFU scum

    • johnlong

      It's a T-shirt you dick. Get over it.

    • Christy

      He won't stop chiving… I dare you to! Once you chive, you just can't stop. 🙂

    • Brian

    • DDD

      wasnt a true chiver to begin with….

      • Dunno

        Don't know that you can really say that, I mean, getting dicked over by a site you're pretty loyal to can be rough…

        • SMT

          but the chive didnt dick anyone over. you mean to tell mean your best laid plans have never failed? Shit happens, get over it

    • Thoridin58

      Damn. Sounds like someone never got the Red Ryder BB Gun they wanted as a kid.

      I suggest you get therapy for your issues if you get this angry just because you couldn't get a T-shirt.

      KCCO – do what the phrase means instead of just repeating it.

      (Expecting an angry reply with at least one FU and possibly a "You are gay")

      • LIKE A BOSS

        Eh…maybe not the route I'd go, but I understand the sentiment. I mean, tons of loyal chivers log on just to be served a heaping helping of "fuck you"? Come on, you can see where he's coming from.

        • panama99

          Maybe they need to start selling boxes of tissues or diapers for some of these folks.

          My godness, I just realized that I don't have a Chive T shirt…….

          Can someone send me one? I don't want to pay for it though.

          • Katie

            Hey if you send them a picture of your ass and a little sob story to go with it they will send you one for free. Oh and you need a vagina.

    • TRUTH

      Yep, expected this shit. "First world problems," "it's just a shirt," "not a real chiver," blah blah. Way to totally miss the fucking point. I appreciate the backup from those who get it, but it's unnecessary. I know what's up, no need to get hosed down with the Haterade just on my account. My suggestion? Woot has higher quality shirts that are typically available and equally recognizable, not to mention less expensive for a much better shirt. My guess is because they don't blow themselves over having a huge following.

    • ROR

      Makes me raff. The only reason to get one of those shirts is to try to run into a Chivette somewhere and then try to get laid. Reality? You might get your pic taken. A shirt won't get you pussy. The end.

      • Scott

        I have been a loyal Chiver for 3 years and I am pissed too. I think it is bull shit that they could not get their act together. To pass it off on the company that runs the Chivery is fucked. They work for you, I am sure they don't put your shit up there for free, When you saw it wad fucked you should have shut it down not sold a single shirt and had they fix the shit for the next day. You want us to be loyal to you, the street goes both ways. You fucked us all, the next shirt you need to make should say the Chive Fucked me and all I got wad this lousy ass shot.

        • Donkey_Punch

          YEAH … Should have fixed the problem and post-poned making them available until the next day … same bat-time … same bat-channel! Somebody fucked up!

        • Heard that

          ^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS THIS THIS! That is exactly how you deal with what happened. Make sure your shit is together, THEN sell the shirts. No one gets/feels fucked over that way.

      • Otto

        Amen. Try focusing that rage into something productive, like a personality, life experiences or a successful career. That will get you laid.

        • ROR

          Oh, I can't say I disagree with the guy, I'm just saying that's why the majority of guys buy these shirts anyway, and so there's really no point.

    • Engineer1

      Or we can do like I have seen others do and copy the design tweak it and resell it…….. I mean if you constantly run out of shirts maybe its time for whoever is running the chivery to step up and learn about supply and demand because they are leaving a lot of money on the table by under selling the shirts. I mean really so what if you order extra's and they don't sell right away, that's what your on hand stock is for. I promise they WILL sell. Either they get it together or the gentlemen at the chive should find someone new to run the chivery.

      • Engineer2

        people want what they can't have or get; therefore demand sky rockets i.e. sell lots of shirts. There are plenty of shitty shirts available but no one wants them.

    • GuyWithHisBFMShirtOn

      ha ha ha – what are you like 10? little douche didn't get his shirt… TFB

      Listen very closely… thats me laughing my ass off at you.

    • Shawn

      You Mad Bro? GET OVER IT! Some shit is beyond their control, they apologized, the world goes on…change the tampon and keep chivin…

    • Negatron!!!!

      Tried to read his wall of text, but it all I could see was WAHHHHHH WAHHHHH

      • stuf

        When you make posts like this, stuf wins!

      • Heard that

        Yeah, illiteracy is a bitch, I hear.

    • Buffoon

      hahahaha dumbest comment ever. they make money off you buying the shirt. it's not like they purposely screwed you over. don't act like youre formerly a chiver, we all know youll be back

  • Trevor

    Check out this company from South Africa that has AMAZ-BALLS offices

  • AnimeEyes19

    Omg! Yes…want! My brother actually works for google! He says its the best job ever! 😀

  • bubblerider86

    dammit, my job sucks….

  • Anonymous

    #23 Ooooo who lives in a coconut next to a tree!


    I HATE MY JOB!!!

  • TiminPhx

    Sorry Joe, we can't give you a raise this year either…but hey, there's a new pogo stick in the breakroom! What do you say we go use it for an hour, hell the interns can handle things.

  • HillbillyNinja

    It may be a really nifty cubicle… but it's still a cubicle.

  • Matty

    i dont even have a job 😦

  • hans gruber

    #33 Wouldn't want to fart at my desk if I worked there!

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