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Via Somethingawful

Via Somethingawful

  • John Robert

    Not only wrong, but dangerous. Sweating is a way of a body regulating its temperature.
    If you are sweating, you NEED to drink water.

    Chive – this post is going from being not funny or true to being a liability. Why would you post such idiocy?

  • John Robert

    Is funny but ridiculous. And not only wrong, but based on nothing.

    It's like the Sidd Finch story. That was a classic. (Google it).

    Also, it seems as if your April Fools day post is exactly one month early!

  • John Robert

    Who moved Birmingham in England and who moved Reykjavik in Iceland?
    You guys are funny! Not accurate about apparently any of your claims, but funny!

  • John Robert

    Latvia now occupies a small section of Russia, and Lithuania is now apparently what was Lithuania AND Latvia.
    Also, who moved Riga, and where is Kaliningrad?
    This map is hilarious!

    • Troy Rohde

      you're an idiot.

  • Shawn

    The Earth has been moving on a wobling precession for billions of years, not cuz of fucking China. Its why most astrologist's zodiac signs are incorrect.

  • Jeff H

    um trinary is a real thing and was used by some of the first computing devices.

  • anon

    It threw me off, the first one is true. Still, I am ashamed it took me this long to realize that most of these are completely fabricated. i did find it quite funny though. On to Cracked…

  • amen

    someone was bombed out of their brains when they made this shit up.. for sure..they had a laugh 🙂

  • CupidStunt

    No, just fucking wrong. As a nurse and a avid rock climber and back packer, when the sweating stops is when you need to start being worried.

  • Abel

    These facts are pretty off. Not true and not funny most of them. 😦

  • Fyrdraca

    April Fools is next month, Chive.

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