• Next door

    This guy is a boss. I live right down the road from him and he’s legit the coolest guy. He goes for 10 mile runs around the city and inspires me to workout when I don’t feel like it. To do that at that age is amazing. Mr Dewey’s a good man who keeps calm and chives on

  • Grant

    dude is such a bro

  • M.O.T.

    What a legend. If I saw this guy in work I'd serve him before anyone else knowing who he was ordering for. Fourteen coffees? Fine, these other guys can wait for their pints 😀

  • Marie

    This is awesome, it’s nice to see there are still caring people out there!! Very inspiring 🙂

  • Kodo

    That is awesome. That sort of kindness is rare and I really hope it isn't dying out with this new generation!Way to go Dan!

  • Bonnie

    I see Dan running in the hottest of heat and the cold. Always wondered what his story was, never knew he is a real hero and an inspiration. What a gift from God himself, this man is… Xoxo

  • dp2983

    Thank you, Chive for posting videos like this. Not only to your guys entertain me everyday, but once in a while, you really touch everyone with human interest stories like this. Thank you.

  • JMG

    Holy crap my fiencee works there! Dan is a man among men!

  • Plurp

    Dan is a real man. Unfortunately, Starbucks is shit coffee.

  • adubz16

    Dan is the MAN!!

  • Bodo

    Let's get this guy a KCCO shirt or two…

  • popdelart
  • Dan

    It’s great to see things like this, makes you feel good inside

  • baconator3000

    Dan you are the man.

  • lcpl gayre

    this man is truly making a difference…people thank me for my service but id much rather you thank someone like dan

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