• mitchell


    • Glenn

      The Dude Abides

      • Allex

        so stupid and gay

    • ABCdario

      The amazing thing here is that you find it amazing, that many people will find this amazing.
      This behavior must be the normal, and we must find amazing people that dont do this.
      Pour humankind this one that find amazing othe people doing right and nice things.

  • m4punk

    this dudes awesome

    • Allex

      your dad was awesome in bed faggot

  • Dakota

    maybe i do wanna live in this world

    • n or s

      thats what i thought until i saw the starbucks logo slapped on at the end. wheres my fathers gun

      • TracerBullet_PI

        Dan was doing it without starbucks help, I hate them as much as the next person, and if they want to try to get some good PR out of it… as long as these patients still get their coffee and a great guy there for them, whatever.

        Thanks Dan.

        • Ass-man

          Maybe he gets a giant discount now cause they got this story out. If so, Starbucks isn't that bad of a company at all.

          • ShakeyTheMoyle

            Now if they can make good coffee…that would be special=/

            • ABCdario

              Amen !!

  • bookface

    you know what else? he just proved coffee doesn't cause cancer. DOUBLE WIN

    • BigRick69

      Heavy coffee drinkers actually have reduced incidences of throat and mouth cancers. True story. He may actually be healing the patients not only by promoting positive attitudes but also but also by providing a valid medication. One could even go as far as to say that Dan Dewey owns the noobs.

  • aws

    i have an awful feeling that this is nothing but cheap advertising by starbucks

    • kashakesh

      would those shorts fit into the corporate image, though? 🙂 I think dan's the man… but then again, your suspicions could be correct…

    • Chive_On


      I was scared to death it was just advertising, so had to look it up myself. Now I feel like a cynical bastard.

      • LucretiusCaro

        It's understandable. Starbucks is the devil, afterall.

      • coinbank

        don't beat yourself up….i still think it might be a ploy by four$

      • James

        I was so cynical that I did a Whois look-up on danscoffeerun.net, and googled the address it was registered to.

        The address is a regular home in Michigan. Not only that, but danscoffeerun.com and danscofferun.org are both being squatted, which wouldn't be happening if Starbucks was behind this. It looks like this guy is legit.

      • word up

        yeah but the only reason we know about dan, is for advertising

    • Wardog

      There's no doubt that Starbucks gets some good PR out of this, but that story is real. All kinds of companies are doing this now. Every once in a while some stupid company fakes one, which takes the internet about 10 minutes to figure out and destroys the company.

    • Dave

      actually its not, i used to live and work in bloomfield hills Mi and have met and had several conversations with Dan, he is an awesome guy. this is his way of giving back.

  • mrneoluddite

    The shorts are good, but the 'stash is awesome!

    • anthony geraci

      he used to have a full beard it was BA

  • anthony geraci

    this guy lives in my town he runs almost everyday all around the town. Lake Orion MI

    • guest

      I'm in Oxford…I need to keep an eye out for Dan the Man!

  • Jammy

    Rock Star!!!

  • joshua

    you guys did it again, wiping away a few manly tears…

    • art

      hear, hear

    • sixdeadelves

      me too

      • nick

        dammit, me too…

    • fibonacci5150

      it makes me miss the people that took care of me at childrens healthcare back in the day : )

  • Verbal_Kint

    Dan fucking Dewey…

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Better get a patent on that…

  • joshua

    you guys did it again, wiping away a few manly tears… or maybe that damn onion truck crashed in front of my house again they need to drug test that guy

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989
    • Frank

      Most people that say they have no faith in humanity are people that give nothing and are just miserable to be around in general.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Thomas Magnum lives!! Shit, my dad still wears those OP shorts.

  • http://twitter.com/ToddGodley @ToddGodley

    If I could like this, I would.
    Dan, Keep Chiving on big guy!

  • coinbank

    awesome people DO exist…..who knew

  • skwee

    Fuck this hits too close to home….my dad just started chemotherapy on Monday. Waiting to have the medical marijuana talk with him and then rip some big fat bong loads.

    • coinbank

      ahhh you are true giver

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Nothin better than sharing a bong hit with Dad…sigh…

    • Dalton

      Wish your dad all the best. Take bong hits together and KCCO!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    visit http://danscoffeerun.net/ to make a donation to help support Dan! I did.

    • bobbyM5

      Done! thanks for the link

  • IanErwin1003

    Somebody send this man a shirt

  • dave

    Dan Dewey….doin it right! Good for you sir.

  • Kevin

    Great story even with the add and branding. The medal he was showing off was a 40th Anniversary Houston Marathon finishers medal. I recognized it immediately. Seriously cool dude.

    • Mike

      Not Houston, look closer. If's actually a Detroit Free Press marathon finishers medal from this past year. I got one hanging right here for reference. You are absolutely correct on it being a great story though!

      • Mike

        Oops, I guess there's two in the video. The one I was referring to is hanging on the cars rear view mirror in the beginning – my bad.

        • Kevin

          right on, Yours is in the car, mine is at 1:23 in the hospital, so that makes 2 marathons then

  • dochandy

    this is one of the coolest fucking things i have seen in a long time. so nice to see people doing this kind of thing.

  • flibble

    what a wonderful man.

  • http://Chive Lenin

    A complete role model! Speachless!

  • Mauibrent

    Wonderful post – keep helping to restore faith in humanity Chive! Send Dan a Shirt! Chive on Dan!

  • vince

    Imagine if we had the opportunity to vote for a guy like this

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