• derp

    yeah but can she drive? CHIVE CAN SHE DRIVE HOLY YIKES

  • Anonymous

    Please be 18

  • Jacob

    I don’t like Nicki Minaj, but I like her. Dear god, I need moar.

  • Steve

    I think she should just completely take over for Nicki Minaj, sing all her songs, and spare the world from ever having to hear that No-Talent-Ass-Clown Minaj ever "sing-talk" again. This kid = awesome. Minaj = aweful

  • Kodo

    I had to turn my computers brightness down, her smile was too bright! That was lovely.

  • Evo

    Going outside to do manly things now.

  • Laurel

    That was so great and adorable. Love to see more of her

  • Jeff

    Steve- you nailed it.. Nuff said

  • Dirt

    That was a great start to my day. What a sweet voice.

  • SA Texas Chiver

    You can add a ukulele to anything and it will sound good lol

  • mark

    I like her version better than NIckis!

  • keek


  • Dukeofohio

    pretty girl, pretty voice, stupid fucking song

  • ktrain

    so. gorgeous.

  • da goober

    That was madd tight!!!! Chive On

  • Faraday

    She is ridiculously adorable

  • JDB85

    Good cover, and really cute chick.

  • Bill Fucking murray

    guys can you start putting tags to the uploader or the video on youtube so the person can get some recognition and we dont have to search everywhere to find it

  • dear god

    Ok going to go work on my truck or blow something up so i can feel manly again.

  • TheCorruptor998

    i want to fuck her right in the guitar.

  • lweazy

    My gosh! She makes this horrible song sound like one from the angels!



  • call me impressed

    I watched the original after i watched this 'cuz i haven't ever heard/seen it……fuck. Pretty amazing to take such an awful attack on the eyes/ears and make it something awesome. I had to watch this one again to restore me faith in people again, lol!

  • Aaron

    whoa. that is all

  • Chris

    I'm in love! ♥

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