• http://twitter.com/SonnyDianLee @SonnyDianLee

    all this sh!t = money

    • Tznatch

      Getting a haircut must have been the most exciting.

  • Gaz

    I'd love to do half the shit that scares him.
    (food challenges excluded)

  • joshua

    #83 scares the shit outta me…

  • Dakota

    pretty cool post

  • J.C.

    he did something everyday that scares him.. im surprised one of the days was not trying to get a kcco shirt! trying to get one is scary as fck!

  • Pete

    Some of them were pretty lame scares, but then I guess thinking of something genuinely scary every day is kinda tough. I reckon some of the "scary" things (like Geocaching, or line dancing, or walking up a mountain) were just taking him out of his comfort zone…. which is still a pretty awesome thing to do to yourself.

  • pufffdragon

    He forgot to be the first in the comment section. He has not lived.

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