Horse tricks competition: Level Russian (26 Photos)

Via Wotanson.livejournal

  • Mad_Hittman

    Riding a horse – you're doin it like a босс!

    • Him.

      In soviet russia… they're fucking crazy!

      • r@f

        #17 now thats just animal cruelty

  • Dave

    I didn't know Sarah Jessica Parker was Russian

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      It's her from her Square Pegs days. .

    • Sanchez

      I think Matthew Broderick is the russian…

    • drewscriver

      Stop using that joke, its like beating…oh, nevermind.

      • Alpha0010

        Where did it even come from?

  • Dan

    #23 Chicken!

  • Winston

    #20 why do they have to do that with their shirts off? Is it to exaggerate their douche-bagness?

    • Emzilla

      They're just that good.

      • echogeo


  • etcrr

    #22 Cossack style

  • Sea

    Gives a fuck?

    • Your mama


  • Charlie_Cheen

    #1 "Look Ma, I'm quadriplegic!"

    • Some Dude

      That move is aptly named the "Christopher Reeve"

      • Tim

        that's fucked up…your comment is aptly named the "douche".


    Vodka is a hell of a drug.

    • Tim

      that's a fact.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #24 i dont care how lame this is, shooting a gun while jumping through a ring of fire on a horse and hanging from the saddle is now on my bucket list

    • HobbesLeviathan

      BTW…that revolver is a model 1895…yes, that means it was designed in 1895.

  • AmBush_Steve

    Meh, if you really want to impress me, show us the Horse Tricks Competition: Level Mexican, as in Tijuana.

    • Alpha0010

      That's donkey.

  • Dukeofohio

    #13 #14 #15
    for some reason im thinking that we might want to see a little bit more of the ladies

    • panama99

      If the guys do it with their shirts off, then the ladies should also……..

      I mean it is Russia for goodness sake!!!

  • The Andychrist

    I hate video game commercials where they don't show the actual video game. "Deeerrrr, let's spend a bunch of money on sets and actors!" Buncha horse shit…

    • P Diddy

      You must be the rare breed that watches tv for infomercials…

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    Yeah, we definitely need more Russki women up in this thread. Especially doing the acrobatics, wither their legs…
    Excuse me, I have to use the restroom now.

  • tim

    And this is who we were afraid of during the cold war??? Please tell me they have to drink a fifth of vodka before trying any of this????!!!!!

  • chicago

    #16 not impressed. because of those Redbull or X-Games X-cross riders, I need to see that horse and rider jump ramp to ramp over the water spouts at the Bellagio Hotel while doing 2 full back flip rotations and land that shit.

    • Dave


    • Alpha0010

      And then everything blows up at once?

  • BostonChiver.

    #15 Oh yes, the classic tandem event. When two riders become one beautiful mashed up mess.

  • LucretiusCaro

    #16 Great photobomb back there. Does that guy have tits AND a gut?

  • guest

    seen this at the circus last week

  • 5by13admin

    pretty gay

  • Chip Chipperson

    Looks like they're all Russian around or sumthin… tss tsssss

    • Shawzy

      They should stop horsin around and get back to work or sumthin tss tsss

  • GernBlansten

    You should see Mongolians ride.

  • freddy boy

    #20 Anyone else notice there ain't no old folks in this one?

    • Alpha0010


  • HobbesLeviathan

    You want to see crazy s*** on horses…go watch an Afghan bizkashi match…somewhere between polo and rugby, with a headless goat for the ball.

  • antitango

    I see 3/4 of this stuff at the average rodeo here in the States, too. Minus the live guns. Our arenas are usually surrounded on all 4 sides, so that makes it a little too dangerous. 😉

    The acrobatics on the backs of the horses is the norm, though!

  • Paul

    #17 What is James Franco doin' there?

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