Huge Australian floods cause massive influx of SPIDERS (10 Photos)

  • Rick

    KONY 2012

    • nugget

      GO L.R.A!

      • ur a super douche

        I'm going to abduct you and make you kill your family…

    • Jim

      Hell yeah man, spread the word.

    • non prophet

      i agree Kony ought to be brought to justice. but if we you want to stop the conditions that allow for someone like Kony exist know is not the time to act, but to to step back and think a bit. we can not simply treat the symptoms of the problem but we must first better understand the problem so we can treat the cause of the problem

      • Dr.Jones

        And while doctors take their time determining the cause of the problem what do they do? They treat the symptoms.

        • non prophet

          im not saying we should not help the kids. my god. but if you dont understand the problem you cant solve it. i have my own solution, im not goin to share bcuz others ought to educate themselves and come up with there own. i love the idea on how the guy spread the Kony 2012 idea but it has… fuck it. you treat the symptom doctor jones. im goin to solve the problem myself

    • derp

      You know, I've been seeing this all around lately so I checked it out. It's not about Kanye at ALL!!!!!! What a jip

      • ry_linch


    • Madcity

      I know it's a bad thing that is happening out in Africa but we have to make informed decisions before we just go backing the first group who makes noise

    • @GermanDoerksen

      So I think the kony thing is great and all, help the kids yeah. But as the last guy posted and someone else before him, there's a reason this keeps happening and we need to fix that before it can ever be totally fixed, yeah doctors treat the symptoms of aids and melanoma, but the disease kills the person. We need to find the cure. Also, I think the dbag the posted this is just another troll looking to find a response, albeit different from the usual one they're looking for but still, attention whore.

  • heyo


    • Swanick

      Second, almost as bad as first.

    • bewbz


    • Ken

      Nailed it! Nicely done!

  • Aushearer

    Arachnophobia anyone??? Welcome to australia!!!

    • bigjohn


      • The Queeeen

        I AGREE!!!!! KILL THEM ALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mrwhite2020

        Spot on! Nothing an aerosol can and a lighter won't fix 😀

  • NcouthYouth

    There goes that urge to visit down under.

    • Elbie

      Not if you bring your flamethrower!

    • achoo


    • Jordan

      Damn nature, you scary!

    • Underbaker

      Damn straight brother, I can handle most creepy crawly things but spiders just freak me out.

    • Jess

      It's ok people it's just Wagga, no one actually wants to go there. Now that all the spiders in Australia are there the rest of the country is safe…well from the spiders anyway…

      • Lower

        Yeah, was thinking the same thing. Wagga is on every tourists list of places to see.
        Their loss.

  • Jim

    remember these are aussie spiders so they will also kill you

    • Stacey

      Many things in Australia will kill you… But we have great beaches and hot chicks, so at least you enjoy life before you go!

      • Swanick

        Balance, ying and yang level.

    • leon

      yes, all spiders in Autralia will kill you.

  • Ryan

    Fuck my entire life @ every picture.

  • Stacey

    It’s funny (and creepy) cos its true!

  • elninja213

    Yeah, no thanks! Not visiting Australia any time soon for me.

  • No. just no.

    #5 How about… fuck no!

    • Amigo

      how much money would it take for you to jump into that?

      • Guesty

        1 Billion =)

        • Guesty

          I would still hesitate to do it even then haha

      • Then...maybe.

        I'd have to be given every woman featured over there———————->

    • ShouldBeWorkin

      Agreed, I'd move!

  • Nathan

    Needs more William Shatner.

  • Aussie down under

    Australia is bigger then one town, plenty of other places to visit.

  • aaron

    #5 fuck that – steer clear!

  • drew


  • Dan

    Go walking through the woods in the summer on trails that are rarely used. You'll see lots of this.

    • Jane

      Why would anyone WANT to?!

      • Dingle

        Good point. However, the fact remains, death stalks you!!!

    • Aushearer

      Dont know any Aussies that call it the woods…..Maybe scrub or bush. But even if you do, these little buggers are the least of your worries. Brown snakes, Funnel Webs, Cassowaries and even the Bunyip might get ya!!!

      • JJJJ

        Anybody else read this with an accent? 😉

        • slackers

          hey throw another shripm on the bbq cobba

          weak aussies- they should send there siders to Afghanistan- maybe do better than their army soldiers

          • ry_linch

            ain't nothing weak about aussies buddy

      • @beavis8abird

        Don't forget the drop bears.

  • SuperiorTo8

    I know, just KNOW. That one of those guys has to turn me into spiderman

    • Swanick

      Seems like a good plan.

    • Dingle

      "Where his last words before the young man was bitten to death by a mountain of spiders." the news reports will say.

      • Dylan

        The news report will ask* Apparently…

  • jesse

    i live there, like, down the road, its always like this….

    • OFTGTP

      Always? I would be out with napalm and flamethrowers just to get out of the house.

  • Swanick

    I fucking hate spiders!

  • Gazz

    Another great tourist campaign to come visit us in Australia

    • America

      Its ok, you're still better than the Kiwi's and we love you and your adorable accents and bouncing animals.

  • Rickerlol

    damn nature, you scary

  • myles

    how totally aus killer sharks,spiders,snakes & women i love aus

  • Steve

    Compared to some of the other nightmare inducing stuff that lives in Australia this is pretty tame.

    To quote "Everything in Australia evolved solely to kill everything else in Australia."

  • Raptor

    I think from the looks of them they're wolf spiders, which aren't that big for Oz but are known for being extremely aggressive – they often chase you if you try to squish them. Now imagine a thousand of them chasing after someone who gets too close to one of those webs and you will only understand a tenth of the pants-soiling terror I feel looking at these photos.

    Fingers crossed for those poor folks copping the floods!

    • Dude

      Yes and black mambas are knows to fly at 10 000 feet then divebomb onto unsuspecting victims.

      • Raptor

        Why not? Mega Sharks do it! I saw it in a movie once!

        Compared to the regular house guests like whitetails, huntsmans, and redbacks, wolf spiders are aggressive little buggers. Most spiders will run off when disturbed and only bite you if you're doing something particularly stupid or accidentally step on one hiding in your shoe. Wolf spiders are like the crazy drunk guy who decides the best way to deal with a threat is to headbutt it.

    • SidNeal

      I have never been chased by a Wolf Spider.

    • Fridge Magnet

      I believe the correct term is non-aggressive.

  • Australia

    Yeah…unless you want to go inland i wouldnt be too worried, nothing like that on the coast!

  • Aussiemike

    Fwiw when the floods come through all the snakes get herded out as well.

  • Kcruz09

    Im suddenly itching everywhere on my body

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