If you like tattoos, get in here (30 Photos)

  • Chairman

    #6 #18 Moar!!!!!!!

  • Ned Plimpton

    #28 MOAR please!!

    • ChiveApprentice

      This has gone on too long. John, you must find her.

    • MattyBoh

      #28 is Kaylee Danger. You're welcome. NSFW

      • Lamboe

        You sir… Just made my day.

      • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

        man she has a great ass, but i did not like her =(

    • glenn

      fuck yes more

    • CaNaDaaa

      Dat ass!!!! FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RealZoo

    Some cuties …….but personally don't care for all that "ink".

    • MattyDeuce

      Then why again are you in the tattooed girls forum?

      • RealZoo

        Are you the forum monitor? Do you want to see my hall pass? I'm just "chiving" like everyone else and didn't say anything negative. Chill out.

        • Doc Arkham

          I always miss all the new trends. Just to sum up – "don't care for" and finger quotes are now the new positive. Got it.

          • alister

            trolling trolling trolling,
            got to keep on trolling,
            faggots keep a'trolling,

      • majorfathead

        While I too am not a big fan of "Ink" I am a red blooded male who still likes looking at beautiful women and I gotta say #19 absolutely made me want to fall down on my knees and pull out my six shooter (well more like 1 or 2 shooter)

  • that_dude_b

    #19 is one sexy set of tattoos

    • Matt

      I love that a tinyeye search gave to me!

      • Elbie

        please spread the tickets to the gunshow!

        • Plastilina_Ve

          I KNOW one of you know where to find this whole pic. YOU MUST SHARE!

    • SARmedic

      I love that part of a womans body when it's nice and tone like that, yum. (and a little underboob to boot)

    • majorfathead

      Sweet baby Jesus you're right

  • Chairman

    #6 #18 #27 #29 Moar!!!!!!! Find Them

    • Slo

      #6 google Radeo Suicide

    • SATexas4life

      #6 is a SG (Suicide Girl) that can be found easily on there site. Her profile name is Radeo. KCCO
      Did not see the post above. XD

  • Graphic Artisit

    #23, #25, #30 find MOAR Papapa Please!

  • Doug

    #20 nice art work.

    • its_forge

      HR Giger says "yo"

    • the terminator

      very cool

      • Hamilton950

        Some of the best black and grey shadow work I've ever seen. Beautiful!

  • Jeff

    #5, hold that pose, I'm on my way!

  • http://twitter.com/lukeskynski @lukeskynski

    #28 dat assss!

  • yep

    Please make a Tattoo Tuesday post. Thank you and good night.

    • DemonIAm


  • Joe

    Oh hell yes!

    Yeah, I'd like to put a shot in there too.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #28 I want to die and come back as her weggie

    • SATexas4life

      You and me both.

  • Mike

    Holy mother of…. KCCO FROM SAN FRANCISCO

    • Bored

      Over to the Berry with you, you big pile of queer.

  • Matt

    #11 would fuck me up.

    • Jeff

      And id enjoy ever minute of it….

      • Sir Boobsalsot

        Just don't get her pregnant or she would look rather silly 9 months later.

    • vince

      She is the only girl I saw on this whole post

  • Wtf

    More of this post, every week!

  • USAF

    #23 Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    #27 That's an awesome picture…
    …of a chick wearing an even more awesome Johnny Cash shirt

  • Wowzers

    #20 Very Impressive work!!

  • Rick

    #10 is hott #28 is also nice

    • AJ R

      #10 is so insanely beautiful!

  • Jeff

    #19, I'd like to experience the real heat you're packing!

  • http://www.puremeat.org meat42

    I'll take all of the above Trebek.

  • aaron

    #2 #23 #29 hot….very nice indeed

  • bdubwiley

    Hot chicks with tats is always a plus

  • chicago

    #19 fuck that's hot. fuck!

  • http://thedrunkendiscourse.blogspot.com Alan


    How did my wife get in here?

    • tLoko420


    • Bored

      I dropped her off after I was done with her.

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