• Anonymous

    Wow..great video..restores some of my faith in humanity

  • joe88


    • someguy

      I can't help but notice that none of those useless bitches is helping.

      • Chan

        I have never pulled a dolphin but have a feeling that they are pretty fucking heavy. You're one of those assholes who sits in the car to steer while you make your lady push it, aren't you? Dolphins DO breath air, it's okay if they are beached for a few minutes.

        • Chan

          Yeah I totally posted this to the wrong person. Damn rage posts.

        • Chan

          Wait a second, no I didn't, there are 3 assholes posting about useless bitches..Jesus h. christ…douchebags.

    • PDiddily420

      A Dolphin Fail… Coming soon to a theater near you.

    • Everclear

      Somewhere, people in Japan are yelling at their screens.

      • Jimmy C


    • Cantaloupe


  • Er what!

    Silly dolfins beaches are for humans

    • Blake

      Nest step in dolphin evolution…DENIED!!

      • Blake

        Next* …=/

    • Glenn

      Dolphins trolling…"You Mad, Bro?"

  • MattKL

    Awesome just isn't a strong enough word.

  • Noegod

    You just know those dolphins best the crap out of which ever dolphin had point! Ha ha! Nice work people!

    • bewbz

      i always tend to best the crap out of whoever has point in my group

    • Tim

      Usually it means something is wrong. Typically if they do it once, they will do it again and again.

  • Homer

    Stupid dolphin, he he he………….

  • Ouchmaker

    I hope they change their GPS provider.

  • True story.

    Hmm interesting… Americans would all have had their phones out recording instead.

    • Can't.

      Because the person sitting there recording it went and helped…….

    • escelante

      Obviously a Brazilian was doing the recording and just standing there in this case. False logic is false.

      • True story.

        notice i said "all".. and also i'm American myself.

        • escelante

          I noticed MANY people just standing there. Pretty sure that not all (or any) of them were American. I'm American as well. However, I might classify you as an American/Idiot. Congrats! Just stop talking.

        • The Great Bambine

          Great. That just makes you a bigger d bag.

        • JOHN

          I'm sorry you hate yourself. There is a 9mm remedy for that.

    • Turbodude

      Hey True Story why don't you go fuck yourself …

    • ???

      funny how i do not bring my phone to the beach. way to be a dumb ass with no logic

    • StaticFX

      you sir, are an asshole.

    • Patrick

      Brazil is in South AMERICA. Suck it, and don't tell me they're Brazilian because, go fuck yourself.

    • Douche=True story

      Because Americans never help ever. Not animals, not people, not entire fucking countries, not broke ass piece of shit assholes sitting at home unemployed collecting my tax dollars. Go swallow some drano you ungrateful fuck tard.

    • True story.

      welp joke didnt go through i guess. But i'm no douche.

      • Mikeyd

        Agree, you're probably never been near a pussy.

  • Catatafish

    silly dolphins are silly

  • Wet_tosti

    Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

    • r151

      ^ awesome.

    • Douglas Adams

      It's "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish"

    • Underbaker

      I hope this doesn't mean that the Vogon construction crew will be here soon.

  • Yo diggity

    Those dolphins were probably pissed they worked so hard to get on land only to be dragged back into the ocean.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      "We're trying to evolve! Leave us alone!….Ah, dammit! Let's try another beach!"

  • etcrr

    very cool, job well done

  • JimiConCarne

    Dolphinius: "This is it lads… today, we walk!"
    Human: "Not today little guy"
    Dolphinius: "…aaaaaawwwww"
    Human: "Evolution denied!"

  • WTF

    9:12 AM WTF?

  • ???

    at 1:23 has to be the best part. Ready for business

    • Winston

      Haha you know shits getting serious when it calls for taking your shorts and sandals off!

    • wrb222

      LMAO. Thank you for pointing that out. I noticed the dude in the speedo but didn't see that he ripped of his shorts before coming to the rescue hahah

  • Xtrememe

    what the hell makes them beach in the first place…..?

    • CalculatedRisk

      I'm no marine biologist, but I think it has something to do with pockets of low oxygen that they go through in the sea – they then get disorientated, and end up beaching themselves unintentionally…

      Happy to stand corrected if there are any marine specialists out there?


      As dolphins are known for being a very social species, it's often thought that a distress signal sent out by one, brings others nearby flocking to help. "They're like humans, in that if your house and family were under threat, you'd go and help them, rather than run the other way,"- Sarah Dolman of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

    • yup

      I think it is from chasing schools of fish.. and trying to box them in the shallows… they just timed it wrong… saw it on Discovery….

      • HUH?

        i saw the show, i agree with 'yup' 100%. the little fish swim into the shallows to escape the dolphins, but the dolphins have learned to hydroplane in the shallow water to catch them. the downside is what you just saw.

    • badda boom

      They were being chased, either a great white or an orca was out and about.

  • Turbodude

    This epicness would not happen in Japan….fucking asshats there would be beating the dolphins with clubs.

    • Sir Boobsalsot

      To go in a *club* sandwich?

      I'll get my coat…………

    • Josh

      Beat them with clubs and cut their heads off….for uhh…science

      • Statan

        The hell with "for…uhh…science". Every guy on that beach would be eating dolphin testicle soup that night and hoping for the most powerful erections of their lives. That's the Japanese do. They eat the testicles.

    • Badda Boom

      You are really right, then they would eat them. sigh….

    • Jane

      Seriously now, the burger made out of dolphin meat is delicious . I ate it when I was in Japan

    • Tim

      Right, because a couple of towns represent an entire country? The vast majority of Japanese people don't eat dolphin and would be disgusted by the thought of it.

      Inuit in Alaska hunt, kill and eat whale. By your logic all Americans eat whale.

  • derpderp

    Some dolphins do this as a pod to catch fish… Watch Blue Planet or better yet see it in real life… stupid people: "They're beaching themselves… OMG!!!!!!"

    • The Answer Is 42

      The only place known for beaching fish is in the marshes of South Carolina and Georgia. That would be the south eastern coast of the US for our foreign friends.

    • Dave

      Cool story bro. Those dolphins were definitely not hunting for fish.

    • monkeysgrl

      They aren't beaching themselves OMG!!!!! Read a book. They do go closer to shore to eat sometimes, but they don't beach themselves…Seriously. They also could be following a sick pod leader who might have beached himself, but they don't beach themselves on purpose.

  • Winston

    Pretty sure that creates a chat up line that guarantees sex for the rest of your life
    "Hey, you know this one time a rescued a whole pod of dolphins… yeah for real, here it is on video"

  • Manu

    Useless bitches, all those women just stand there and watch.

    KCCO at its finest.

    • 0331

      I noticed that as well. Most of the guys are working, the women are standing around making pethetic noises. Look, if you aren't going to contribute, get me a sandmitch and a beer.

      • HatBomb

        I mean, if they already made the sammiches and packed them in the pick-a-nick baskets for a day at the beach, what else is there to do?!

    • Gusto

      Glad someone else said what I was thinking. Guys doing the work, women standing around watching or filming.

    • Chivette11

      I'm a female and had to thumb up this comment. Why stand there? Stupid bitches. Go help!

      • Chan

        Again, maybe it was because the men were already handling it. They dolphins were not in any immediate danger. They were all returned to the water in less then 5 minutes while they were still able to breath.

    • badda boom

      Manu, I'm a girl. I noticed those useless bitches too hahaha!!! What? You'll get wet? I'm embarassed for my own kind!!

  • escelante

    This is a cool video and it's always nice seeing humans not be douche-bags…. However, high tide was obviously rolling in. Perhaps the dolphins knew more than the silly human monkeys.

  • Jesus M.

    If this dont warm ur heart I got sum bad bews 4 u

  • CrzyCtr

    This helps restore my faith in mankind…Awesomeness!

  • Sir Boobsalsot

    That makes me feel better about the human race.

    That's another type of Brazilian I now rate!

    • CaptainInsano

      Dolphin Rescuer Level: BRAZILIAN

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    They weren't beached. They were synchronize derping.

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