Chivers, meet us in Vegas!

As many of you know, all of us Chivers are currently in Las Vegas on Spring Break with Asa Hope, Ellen Monohan and Erin Young. We’d like all of our Chivers to rally in front of the Bellagio fountains at 3pm on Saturday. We’ll be smack-dab in the middle. Contest winner Erin Young will be shaving Doug’s mangy head for charity.

From there, we will be heading to Nine Fine Irishmen at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino around 5pm.

Looking forward to throwing back a pint of Guinness with our Chivers.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you chive you no shirt printing mother fuckers! Double fuck you bitches selling em on eBay worthless fucking punks

  • Mark

    I work right across the street in the Paris. You'll see me walking around the patio of the restaurant….I'll be the guy in the suit. Please give me a wave or come say hi!!!!

  • bcegiel

    You better believe youre local las vegas chivers will be there!!!!

  • lawrence

    please be sure to post every pic you guys take. I’d love to see them, since I couldn’t make it down. Having previous engagements sucks. Anyways, KCCO!!!

  • Andy

    Wish we could be there this Sat but took my buddy to Las Vegas last Sat for his batchelor party. On the drive we detoured through Venice Beach just to see & take pics in front of the Chive Dr office sign. It would be cool to have the shirts but don’t need the shirts to KCCO. Keep doing what you do fellas for us real Chivers.

    • James Wuest

      Thanks Andy and Jim for the Vegas trip! Ball n chain here I come!! Chive On!! …oh and getting KCCO shirts is the new Mission impossible!! ..still going to keep trying till I get one though!

  • anthony

    left there friday

  • Keebs

    Went to Vegas last night…..found nothing…..Then I realized I was was in Las Vegas, NM and not Nevada

    • Miss Ma'am

      U poor thing

  • Gallus

    Sorry, I won't be there. I'm going to "Occupy Beavertown, PA" to pay my respects to the late, great Davy Jones (of Monkees' fame). Take lots of pictures, will ya?

  • Sora

    I was working across the street at the PH! II have a fellow chiver at my work place and I let him know about the meet up.. We were both very upset we couldn’t be out there.. Mark, do you work at Mon Ami Gabi?

  • Chris

    Got back from Vegas on Tuesday 😦

  • Emtjay

    Get drunk enough for me to take you to the hospital, I’ll be working in the big blue ambulance.

  • Tay

    Will be there this monday! Still around?;)

  • @ChzStandsAlone

    Was there today. Can't wait for the photos to be added. KCCO

  • mike king

    Must be nice… two till sincity

  • Tickler

    Fuck, I was there, watching the fountain from the side. Can't believe I did not notice that….well I kinda can..

  • Rick Rat

    I was there, and it was pretty cool. Nice to meet all the chivers, and my wife scored a chive shirt. I think I got her like the chive now… 🙂

  • Jose

    I was also there. I was the photographer in black taking pictures! Can someone give me an email address so I can send these pictures too.

  • Miss Ma'am

    I was there too! Took a pic and drank some Jameson with John (thanks again)! Best part of the whole experience was that I actually got to hang out with them and their crew who came to Vegas as well, after Nine Fine Irish Men! Nicest group of guys! I had a blast!

  • Always Last


  • Noor khan

    any chivers in atlanta

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