• SpacemanSpiff

    Great Scott!!!

  • BigAl

    He could mint money if he got this mass produced.

    • james

      i don't think so…

      maybe at the time of the release of the movie…

      but the generation now don't appreciate BTTF like we did when we were kids…..

      it would due a small market…

      and not worth the tenths of thousands for trademarking

      then you gotta find investors that are willing to invest and try prove to them your prototype would be worthy of them making thier money back…
      then they spend hundreds of thousands mass producing…

      and in the end… it be a market that 30 yr olds will tend to buy to try relive their child hood or buying it for their son. i don't think so bro…

  • VedHead77


  • Brian

    Are you telling me that you built a birth control device…..out of a DeLorian?

  • http://thechive criss villalobos


  • why not?

    He must’ve been trying to hang a clock in the bathroom, the sink was wet he slipped and hit his head. And when he came to, he had an idea of how to stay a virgin.

  • Chive_On

    As BigAl said if he mass produced it, he could mint his money. Stay a virgin my ass. He'd be right up there with Gates and Zuckerberg.

    • McD : {D

      Gates and Zuckerbeg? http://i.qkme.me/35bp94.jpg Because THAT many people would buy a flying DeLorian toy.

      • Chive_On

        Oh, you mean like no one would buy Nike Mags? The starting bid on those was 1000 bucks, and didn't even have the self lacing yet. And guess what? Every single pair sold. Bitch please, indeed.

  • StupidFools

    Whenever someone does something that involves being creative, dexterous and possibly requires a lot of thought and time, the "virgin" comments start. In other words: Only "bros" (i.e. dumb, obnoxious alpha male idiots) seem to be allowed to reproduce. Well, we in Europe already laugh at the US a lot, but I’m really looking forward to the next generations of specifically bred fools.

  • etcrr

    Guy is brilliant, inventive and a good modeler, Congrats, A job well done!

  • Shrumhead

    I think the real question on everyone's mind is … can he get it to 88 MPH?!!?!?!!?!

  • Jack K

    Shut up and take my money!!!!!

  • Kris

    Great, now go kill Hitler!

  • Jake Tahoe

    Remember that Seinfeld episode where George stops thinking about sex and has all these great ideas….

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