Amazingly clever buildings and structures around the world (36 HQ Photos)

  • Pablo

    #7 As if Georges Braque painted it himself

    • M T L

      #7 was designed by Moshe Safdie. It is the Habitat 67 in Montreal.

      • notdamomma

        And they had nothing but problems with them. Designed for a warm climate, built in a cold climate.

      • Pascal

        it is in Montreal, but it's the Athletes Village for the 1976 Summer Olympics

  • passwordistaco

    Acid + Architecture = #4

  • Ooooh

    #17 looks like an alien stomach

    • fbi

      where have you seen an alien's stomach?

      • Ooooh

        mere conjecture officer… agent… sir.

    • thatguy

      Looks like a female dog lying on her back

    • Ally

      That building is the arthouse in Graz, Austria. Locals seem to refer to it as the kidney bean…

      • William

        Nah, we just call it Kunsthaus ("Arthouse") here – though i think it is ugly some seem to like it.

    • Anomanom

      Looks like a bagpipe

  • JOHN

    #21 Jenga Bitch!

    • anon

      Exists in concept only (for dubai I believe).

  • Shadowwight

    #7 Habit 67 in Quebec

    • noname

      Montreal to be precise

  • RealZoo

    #2 #5 #16 #23 ……….Anyone know of these places?

    • SKP

      #5 is the Olympic stadium in Montreal, Canada. Kind of embarrassing actually. They just recently finished paying it (and some surrounding structures) off, to the tune of $1.47 freaking BILLION.

      • Chamane

        Woot un(e) Montréalais(e)! Et s'ils ramènent le baseball majeur ils pensent ne pas prendre ce stade…

        • @subhuman666

          Montreal Represent!! Moi jai hate de voir un SC Made in Quebec!

      • LoveRedHeads

        And it's falling apart… Piece of crap.

      • SLy_C

        Our very own constant reminder of Montreal's shoddy workmanship. This and the Champlain…

        • THEONEDOOD

          La morale c'est qu'il ne faut pas vivre à Montréal.

          • AmBush_Steve

            but the women are still hot there. Snooty but hot.

            • THEONEDOOD

              Agreed. But I prefer Quebec city 🙂

    • Frank M

      #23 is called the Quadracci Pavilion which was a new addition of the Milwaukee Art Museum except every one in town calls it the Calatrava after the architect Santiago Calatrava. It was the first Calatrava-designed building to be completed in the United States. It was also used in the Transformers 3 movie.

      • A_O

        i was just there about a week ago, really cool building inside and out

      • Captain

        I live in Milwaukee… No one calls it the Calatrava….
        Everyone just calls it the Milwaukee Art Museum

        • AwesomeSauce3000

          I live in Milwaukee as well… I know plenty of people who call that part of the building the Calatrava… I didn't even know it wasn't the actual name of the addition until now.

    • woody81

      #2 is the Bullring in Brimingham England

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        So it is! I thought it was the Abu Dhabi F1 track at first.

      • DhamaBum

        More specifically Selfridge's Flagship store

    • sucka99

      #5 is Olympic Stadium in Montreal – done for the 76 Olympics.

    • alphazulu

      #16 is Baha'i Lotus temple in New Delhi

    • Bob

      #23 Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Wisconsin. The wings actually open and close during different times of the day. Can't tell from this view, but it's right on the lakefront. Architect: Santiago Calatrava.

    • BrownZone

      Number 2 is the Selfridges building in Central Birmingham in England. Never thought Birmingham would feature of the Chive!!! KCCO from an English Chiver!!!

    • M T L

      #23 is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Milwaukee Art Museum.
      The wings open and close at the beginning and ending of the day. Just amazing.

    • @ChristophRead

      Ugh. The Montréal Olympic Toilet. Yet another piece of the structure fell off and could have killed someone just a week or so ago. Awful. Nothing amazing or clever about it.

    • Macario2

      Calatrava's Museum is just an evolution of his airport terminal in Bilbao (Spain) finished in 2000… great artwork by Calatrava, but he repeats himself way too much (same stuff with WTC transportation hub in NY)

      • BTI

        Yea I hate it when artist use a theme.

    • 414chiver

      #23 is on the lakefront Milwaukee Wi

      • bummer

        Im an architecture student at UW-Milwaukee…several of the profs. here call it the turkey carcass. It has become the most recognizable image for Milwaukee,WI but it doesn't represent Milwaukee. Historically this has been an industrious city know for railroads, shipping on the great lakes, and beer!. So why is there a dainty bird that flaps its wings,when it isn't broken,sitting on the shore? All I'm saying is this building, and most of the rest, could have been put anywhere, no one would know the difference. That is not amazingly clever, its kitsch.

  • JOHN

    #28 Denver Art Museum. The "artistic" design feels really forced. Mostly because it just looks stupid

    • tapsnapornap

      Looks a lot like City Centre in Vega, I can see it's not, but it does remind me of it.

    • freddy boy

      Must be the tunnel exit coming from the Denver Airport 🙂

  • MattKL

    #1 I would love to live/work there.

    • Dastrdly

      That's the Kansas City Public Library in Kansas City MO, I've been by it many times.

      • Kajl

        That is not the Kansas City Public Library, that is the Kansas City Public Library Parking Garage!

  • Sir Milf

    #30 – if that places is even 1/1000th as awesome as I imagine it to be on the inside, I want and I want now.

  • Andrew

    #1 is the public library in Cardiff, Wales only a shot drive from where I live, shocked to see it on the chive!

    • AMC

      Nope, it's the Kansas City, MO public library. The one in Cardiff has more of a paperback spine design. Both are great buildings.

      • Dastrdly

        Very true AMC. The first time I saw it (the KC Library) it kinda blew me away.

      • Zebbo Mooty
      • Jeff

        Parking Garage. Library is next door. It's a pretty, but ordinary

  • woody81

    The ones I've seen with my own eyes:
    #2 – bullring, birmingham, england
    #3 – eden project, cornwall, england
    #8 – santa cruz, tenerife, spain

  • Frenchivette

    #6 – La tête au carré , Nice, France, there is a library in it.
    #30 – La maison bulle de Pierre Cardin, Théoule-sur-mer, France

  • Seldi84

    #1 If my local library looked like that i would probably use it rather than just buying the books online.

  • fed

    #14 Gaudì's casa Batllò in Barcellona
    #18 Seattle museum of music
    #31 bird's nest arena in Beijing

    • f1junkie

      #18 is called the EMP or the Experience Music Project

      • TommyD

        Don't forget the Science Fiction Museum

        • Evil Dung Beetle

          Way more fun imo

    • SLy_C

      Casa Batllò, just as trippy inside as out.

  • iguardo

    3 buildings from Montreal? Damn right, best city in the world.

    • Ted

      We were going to Canada. For gravy and fries.

      Almost made it.

  • Mathias

    #14 You could do an entire post on Gaudi's work in Barcelona

    • scootscoot

      and calatrava

    • LucretiusCarus

      Hell, you could do an entire post just on Park Guell.

    • SLy_C

      Make it happen Chive!

    • shite

      greatest inspiration?…. the cheesecake factory.

  • Chelsea

    32: ripleys believe it or not, niagara falls, ontario.

    • Ted

      I believe you.

  • Pokepoke

    #10 semi burned down last year, gonna be rebuild

    • 010

      Not true …. live 250 meters from the "Kubus woningen" in Rotterdam and they are still there!

      • Benjamin

        Deze zijn genomen in HELLmond.. Die zijn wel afgebrand.. Maar in Rotterdam zijn ze ook. Alleen veel later gebouwd.

    • LJM

      This is in Rotterdam! Those are not burned! This building has been copied in Helmond, and this copy was semi-burned last year.

      • Xorpio

        The orignal stand in Helmond. just 3 of them: But i believe this picture is from Rotterdam

  • @ProposMontreal

    #5 #7 #12

    5 Olympic Stadium
    7 Habitat 67
    12 BioSphere, was the American Pavillion during the Worlds Fair.

    • Ted

      That Pauly Shore is hilarious

      • Dorkfish

        Joey-Lauren Adams=hot

    • Shant1k

      Hey! Another Montrealer! Chive on

  • Kenny

    3 of them are in Montreal!

    #5 #7 #12

    • Dominique

      And at least one of them we're all ashamed of. Cute from far, but far from cute.

    • Derrick

      wooohooo mtl rules.

  • boyan

    #24 is in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was supposed to be kindergarten, currently is abandoned.

    • Alpha0010

      I can't imagine why…

    • AmBush_Steve

      Sure doesn't look like the chick from Modern Family.

  • innervisionary

    #33 is the Hallgrímskirkja cathedral in Reykjavik, Iceland

    • weaksauce

      Has a great view from the top.

  • AJ

    #1 downtown Kansas City, MO…. On 11th street. Its a parking lot

    • Martin McFly

      oh well… kinda disappointing, but at least they made a normally ugly parking garage look pretty neat.

    • Dorkfish

      I woulda thought Library

  • This Is Me

    Logan 5, Step Forward and Identify


  • Doug

    #15 national art centre or something. Its in Beijing, China

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