• kdd


  • The kid

    Yes first… First douche in this post congrats

    • asdf

      Bellend KCCO!

  • SATexas4life

    Second time my day has been made! The first being the Burn Your Bra post.

  • chels

    i vote mandatory! lets you know what type of horrible boss you have…in this case creepy as fuck!!

  • StaticFX


  • billy

    nobody ever pays me in 12 inch penises ( ._.)

  • dos

    freakin beef bus!!

  • Matt


  • derp

    ghey americans so wot? quite funny? so wot?

  • 64ponygirl

    This is hilarious!

  • derp

    what goods a time machine? give me a good reason for a time machine? can it go back to say…jesus times ?

  • derp

    you havent even got a time machine just a fast plane

  • da sandman

    haha hilarious ^^

  • L_E_Ott

    Beef Bus

  • U.B. Hotch


  • derp

    a plane travelling at the speed of fast does not constitute warp speed scotty

  • derp

    just because i get to town tomorrow 5mins early mean that ive travelled by a time machine

  • KCCOrazorback

    great !! Chive On

  • Unknown

    This joke was done 20 years ago by MR. Show. This is a weak copy cat version.

    • Matthew

      MR. Show is weak sauce. Painful to watch. 'The State' and 'Kids in the Hall' have still never been topped.

      • Unknown

        Mr Show was the pioneer for this sketch comedy style in the 90's. Can't deny the forefathers. Plus those guys have gone on to rule adult swim, write for the simpsons, and so on.

  • Blablabing


  • Scott

    This was fucking awesome. I laughed for three minutes and thirteen seconds… then I hit play, and laughed for ANOTHER three minutes and thirteen seconds.

    Should probably see a doctor.

  • CoLdFuSioN167

    Pretty damn funny!

  • no1ukno

    That…..Was fucking awesome.

  • naluukti

    Funny…but it's no Moe Szyslak

  • Winston

    wasn't that great… BEEP ok it was awesome!

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