Chivers were EVERYWHERE on St. Paddy’s Day (114 Photos)

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  • Stacey

    TXDEZEL, did you mean #40 has the epic beard??? He’ll be pleased to know

  • dan0

    #90 – friendzoned – he’ll never call now (unless he’s gay).

    • Kingcole

      90 and welcome to the friend zone.

      Do not help her find him!

  • MaoZeDang

    #26 yeaaahhhhh. i'm afraid i've got some bad news for ya, buddy….

  • GT Chiver

    Seems like everyone has a KCCO shirt except me

  • CanadianChivette

    Mmm #1.. Guy on the left.. You wear the hell outta that kcco. My goodness.

    • Troy

      Guy on the left here, thanks!

      Woke-up with this picture on my phone dont remember taking it, but definitely made my morning seeing this on the front page!

  • Lovethechive05

    Oh Jacoby, go back to the zoo.

  • howley

    It's St. Paddy's day, not Patty's day 😦

    (Galway, Ireland!)

  • chode

    couldn't believe how many kcco's I saw on saturday. Bloody everywhere!!

  • JumpAndChive On

    If you dont know who 79 is you should go kill yourself right now.

    At the very least do some research.


    #26 are u 100% IT was a female????

  • @mayerjacoby

    1. Girls on this post not attractive
    2. attention seekign girls
    3. where are the black girls?
    4. email me at chiveis ra cist@gm JOIN THE CAUSE
    5. Anti-chive blog coming soon. Lobbying firm hired to address chive racism
    6. chive endorses genocide (see africa post )
    7. when you put black girls in, put them towards the top and quit hidin them!
    8.Mac the intern. FUCK YOU RACIST
    9.Chive endorses gun usage and use
    10.People who say chive is not racist bc pictures are user sumbitted, uM, YEA. they do have posts of non users so they can find a black girl easy
    12. So to get attention or be deemed hot on the chive, you need to have fake boobs, blonde hair, and be white? Ok got it.
    13. Chive celebrates utilizing one’s education to drink, take scandalous pictures, and obviously throw one’s education away. No wonder why we are lagging compared to the rest of the world! Hehehee

    • Gallus

      Do you have any idea how boring and pathetic you are?

  • Jordan Wyatt

    #107 Tina McQuigg is so effin hot!! The best part of my day is when I wake up next to her!

  • Bzzliteyr

    #63 and #64, Montreal Chivers represent!!

  • HotashNerd

    how the fuck did all of these people get KCCO shirts? I thought there were only 10 in existence…

  • Alex

    #44 le friend zone!

  • nuccabay

    #53 im sure that party was to the max after that beat down of duke #56 you motorboatin son of a bitch

  • cheeese

    #90 if and only if you will not friendzone

  • 54adam

    #33 Extreme hover hands.

  • B.Dick

    Who the fuck isBilly Mitchell?!

  • Vicxas

    It’s PADDYS day! Not a character from the Simpsons day….

  • Sean

    #90 was friend-zoned so hard

  • Sebas

    #106 awesome.

  • Drew

    #106 MOAR

  • Lolly

    A fat girl in the bathroom!!!

  • Agnes

    Pfft #90 is crazy. You don't "best friend" that, you MAKE OUT with that. Just sayin'!

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