HMS Daring hanging with USS Carl Vinson (22 HQ Photos)


  • etcrr

    To the HMS Darling and her crew thank you for your help in being our closest ally and your service Thank you for your fantastic photos, they are appreciated

  • Grrrudy

    I would love to see pistol-engined aircraft…

  • Kodos

    #11 Smart-looking ship, mates!
    #18 I also like your Morale Officer…

  • MADDOG20/30

    That may be the ugliest piece of ship I have ever seen!

    • XChequer

      Ugly don't matter – killing bad guys …. does

      • Greg

        Yes, I'm sure mad dog could design and engineer a much better ship.

  • chaosd

    From a former USN submariner I'd like to say: Go Brits!

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