Jessica Nigri is using the Twitter machine properly (33 Photos)

Jessica Nigri exploded on the cosplay scene in 2009 with a Pikachu costume for the books, but since then she's proved to be one of the most creative cosplayers out there. Jessica is very active on Twitter so stop by and say hello right here.

Jessica’s Twitter Page.

  • Bored

    First 😦

    • Evan

      Yes, you are the first dick

      • Evan's Gay

        Evan you are a gay

        • Evan's Gay is Gay

          Evan's Gay you are also gay

      • kim


        • Chirs


          • Dr. Evil


  • Jeff

    Hi Jessica! Thanks for the hump/gap shot in #9! Beautiful girl!

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Find her friend in #16

    • mouchette

      #7, Jade fan

  • untamedride

    #9 aaannddd, i'm spent

    • Jeff

      I'd just consider that photo an appetizer!

  • jeffe


  • Jimbozo

    Is there a cosplay character whose specialty is making sandwiches and ironing?

    • meanman

      Her name would be Super Perfect Woman

    • Scott

      Yup, there is, your mom.

  • shawthomas

    #20 #32 #22
    Whew super hot!
    But does she Chive?

  • hump

    too mousy

    • Will

      you know how i know you are gay?

  • Tom j


  • Tx_man

    #9… Great View!!!

    • Jayavc

      Unless you it is just your severed head looking up at her…

    • kurt yessak

      great view up to the chainsaw

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    #10 #22 She does a pretty decent Anya.
    #15: This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: Huge Success.

    • Falthor

      def the best Anya cosplay I've seen.

      • @GamerKitty84

        she is awesome, and I love that Portal shirt ^-^

  • Woodrowrules

    #9 Of course I would

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #2 Gotta love a beautiful woman who actually has out of the ordinary hobbies.

    Still an attention whore that probably still loves to shop though.

    • criss

      I love it when guys throw around terms like "attention whore" so easily. We all want attention to some degree or context. It's human nature and there's nothing inherently wrong with wanting it.

    • Adding

      Well she sure has mine!

  • dave


  • Hugh

    #13 Morrigan, more like MOARRIGAN amirite?

    • Dr_StrangePants

      i see what you did there

  • Martin McFly

    #26 all we need is a gentle breeze to clear those skies and….

    • Emmett Brown

      …2.1 gigawatts, Marty! Focus! FOCUS!!

      • Martin_McFly

        1.21, Doc. I'm on it.

    • meh

      Weather forecast said it will be sunny. Liars!

      • @GamerKitty84

        Its Naruto's Sexy Jutsu:D

  • Hugh


  • Juk3sy

    #17 doesn't matter, had sex!

    • that guy

      i wanna suck on those sooooo bad

    • mouchette


  • toogeekyforyou

    She won the Lollipop Chainsaw contest. So she is the real life version of the game character which I think is kind of cool. And she is smoking hot.

  • LucretiusCarus

    I still don't understand cosplay, but I do understand hot chicks.

    So thanks for being a hot chick who likes to post pics, Jessica.

    #25 Something about this one.

    • Jason

      Yeah, I have no idea who/what most of these costumes are supposed to be.

  • Anonymous

    If your into rollplay, she is the one lol:)

  • justinmacumber

    #12 House Gryffindor FTW!

    • tapsnapornap

      Don't you mean "1 million points to Gryffindor"? or something along those lines?

  • kidgorgeous

    #33, #17, #12. Wow. It's the hair the eyes, the creativity, the bewbs. I'd go on but my girlfriend just woke up.

  • Max_Power

    #27 I'm strangely aroused…

  • GernBlansten

    I'm betting she has some issues.

    And I am a willingvolunteer to help her work them out.

  • Jack

    #26 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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