• https://www.facebook.com/superdan Dan Radice

    Can-a-da! Can-a-da! Can-a-da! Can-a-da!

    • Dakota

      Go North America!!

    • BStinson
    • maple syrup lvr

      score one for Canada, no doot aboot it!

  • Dmac

    Well Done Lads!

  • Higgs

    pretty cool

  • canada

    the effect of mc donalds.

    • Thor

      and wearing an extra 40 pounds of gear

      • justabill

        I was wondering why he was wearing so much more gear.

      • ry_linch

        should make it harder to move something 40 pounds heavier right??? basic physics really…. Go Canada!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shylagr Shyla Gordon-Russell

    Proud to be in the Canadian army 🙂

  • Rob Armstrong

    OH CANADA!!!!

  • Thor

    at least we know our gunner's harnesses can take a beating!

    • jcruz

      haha indeed

  • DocHolliday

    This is brilliant, honest hard working men at their best. Good on ya!

  • AmusingHat

    God I love my job.

  • http://www.nationwidestrippersconnection.com/so-cal-strippers.html Matt

    Looks like fun

  • trent

    whoop whoop Canada!

  • Canada

    Whats cool is that after there's a winner they shake hands and go on with being the bravest young men and women in the world.

  • etcrr

    pretty cool way to do it

    • etcrr's goat

      We should try this at home.



  • NickWMS

    Lets get in a real war and find out who wins, aye? USA ALL THE WAY!!!!

    • Wild Bill

      That happened once, a real long time ago. Canada won.

      • guest

        and actually burned down the white house… fact… but we were not Canada then… just a colony

    • justin

      hand to hand combat no technology, yall would get worked…u rely on ur gadgets too much

    • Michele

      hahaha i think you dont have much of a leg to stand on with that argument. and you'd be a pretty big dumbass to be in a "real war" with your biggest ally.

  • Newfiebackflip

    NickWMS you are an idiot.

    Way to take something fun and be a troll.

    Good on both sides. We use to so these things in Afghanistan to pass the time. Much reapect for our American counterparts. Both countries should be proud of our men and women serving.

  • Chris

    This in Fort Pickett Virginia?

  • https://www.facebook.com/hazen25 Ryan Hazen

    i was cheering for both! way to shake hands and keep working hard! THANK YOU ALL!!

  • http://youtube.com/user/perryinjax perryinjax

    Dang, Did you see how big that dude was that was marking off the distance with his feet in the beginning, why didn't they put HIM in the harness! 😀

  • dan

    nick wms, look up the war of 1812, and where you first whitehouse went

  • sdawson22

    go Canada go!!!

  • Scott

    Any victory over the USA is just so meaningful to Canadians because they have such a huge chip on their shoulders. Enjoy it, they don't come often!

    • Richard

      They don't come often? Keep dreaming clown

    • Michele

      canada has a chip on their shoulders about…what…exactly?

  • the bee

    proud to have all these men defend our countries. don't let the canadian brass see this, with budget cuts they just might pull the engines out of the equip and make the men pull them.
    wishing a safe return for all !

  • http://guymanningham.com Guy Manningham

    Yea, but can he say "about" without sounding like a dumbass?


      Yeah he can. In a sentence it would sound like this: I'm ABOUT to kick your American ass. To which you'd likely reply: "Hey were'd Y'ALL come from?..I didn't know there was another country in this world." Is y'all a word? I think using a word that doesn't exist sounds like a dumbass to me. Go have one of your water beers and don't worry ABOUT how we talk… y'all 😉
      p.s. how do you pronounce arrogant sore loser American?

      • Joe schmoe

        It's pronounced F*** you!

  • jpelts

    i will never ever get axe anarchy from listening to that fucking commercial after every video

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