• Steve

    A Marine would have dragged two of em across that line

  • rowlands45

    thats awesome gooooooo CANADA!!!! lol i want to try this

  • kev

    Much respect to both forces, all the trash talk aside…we'll fight side by side if need be.

  • Oggie

    i think most americans are secretly hoping that this Canadian was not from Quebec.

  • BiddleBoy

    Too bad the U.S. soldier actually had gear on.

  • Michele

    all the americans trying to find something to poke fun of at the canadians, you sound like a bunch of sad, sappy cry babies that need to grow up. you're not helping your image any.

  • j

    they say 1 cdn soldier = 4 us soldier…

    cdn soldiers have multiple tasks in their job description

    average us soldiers have one task.

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