Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (24 HQ Photos)

  • KodyBartels

    good gallery.

  • shitlicker

    #9 wow blonfox #24 waw

    • lob

      looks like Megan Fox

      • fendermallot

        Her name is Nayara Bandeira

        • DMK

          #9 and #12 Alena Shishkova … enjoy

    • Scotty b

      thinking of the same two smokeshows

      • R-Dub

        What is this "smokeshow" shit? Stupid.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #11 Pants? Where we're going, we don't need pants!

    • banana flapjacks

      she likes some good wood on her twat

    • GI Joe

      Now this is a version of "Puss in Boots" I'll go see!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • numbchuckz

    Whats up with #8, dont u guys censor this stuff.

    • MonkeyMadness

      ??? What's wrong with it?

      • drew

        are you serious??????? what isn't wrong with it.

    • BSM

      Censor her showing you where she will bury your body after you fall asleep tonight?

    • Colin

      explain please your obviously seeing something we are not

    • RaysFan

      bitch looks like a monkey

    • mememe

      good, so i am not the only one who was scared

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      looks a bit like amy winehouse.. no thanks

    • Mido

      Was thinking the same thing…

    • Danno

      Wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers and leaving crumbs.

  • Jeff

    #2 Kate Upton's Brunette doppelganger.

    • shakeandbake

      Not a bad call, Jeff. I never noticed this the first time. Who dis?

    • Elcastino

      Whoever she is, she could tell me to jump off a bridge and I would gladly do it…..

  • Kyle

    MOAR of 6 please.

  • KCCO

    Number 2 is amazing

  • Eddie

    Pretty sure #1 is in Baker, CA. (Not that anyone cares, I'm sure.)

    • Matt

      Yes it looks like that is Baker to me 🙂

    • guest

      Strange how looking at #1 turned into a 10 minute visual of how it should play out… xD

  • david

    #10 enough said

    • If you said so...

      Washboard style

  • Chuck

    #2 and #18 are Goddesses but #20 is the one I would marry.

    • Kyle

      #20 A beautiful smile goes a long way.

    • VleNik

      #20 I second that!

  • Bob

    #24 I love this babe

  • Krazy_K

    #4 we need MOAR!!!

  • Who

    #2 is beautiful

  • Chris

    #6 Please Find

    • dan

      does such a creature truly exist?

      • cheeseftw69

        I can hope, yes? Less talk, more find!

  • Chrisjoevin

    Moar of #6 please.

  • smokeEater

    #2 #4 #7 #24 if I met them I would probably forget how to breathe.

  • Indiana Chive Fan

    I will never again bitch about being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

  • Bink

    where's the rest of the photoshoot for #11 ? moar please!

    • @DanielEvans24

      JustAmber from myfreecams. Follow her on Twitter @justambermfc.

      • brian

        thanks, shes on pornhub too

      • elyk

        Thx! very nice!

  • etcrr

    #2#6#12 hotter than the noon day sun

    • Stan

      And you are dumber than the day is long.

    • banana flapjacks

      #12 might be the hottest blonde ever made- more moar mooreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • GFj

    weak showing

    • Lotus

      Gets my vote for worst recurring theme, I would say Mac can do better than this but I've never seen him do a great girl post.

  • PapaBurgundy

    Nice job with the annoying loud advertisement

    • Animal

      AdBlocker. Seriously. It's full of win.

  • Scott Roberts
  • James Munn

    #7 B-E-A-UTIFUL!! 🙂

  • http://Chive Beavis

    #11bottoms up

  • Jeff Albertson

    #6 Easily a Top-10 most beautiful Chivette. MOARRR!!!

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