• etcrr

    It is very sad that there are those that get this way. PTSD is very difficult to overcome. God Bless each an every person who comes home from war. May you find Serenity one day. Your Service is appreciated

  • Tyler

    Maybe this is just the way I think, but perhaps it's pretty common. I have a solemnity when it comes to our military servicemen and women. I look at them with respect and admiration. I don't want to bother them and possibly bring up negative thoughts about what they've been through. But I most certainly appreciate their sacrifice and service for this country.

  • ljrmisty

    Hey, Tyler, I hear what you're saying, and I have fought hard to overcome the urge to "not bother them". Try this next time: With open palms, an open heart and a smile on your face, go "hey Soldier". If you are wearing a ball cap or something, salute them. If not, don't. Walk up to him/her and offer your hand in friendship. Shake theirs firmly and let go.
    Look them in the eye and say "thank you for your service, is there anything I can do for YOU today?"
    They will always say no. No thanks. Encourage them to a cup of coffee. Can I buy you lunch? Please. It's the least I can do.
    If you are lucky, one out of a hundred will let you in. The 2 that have let me in, have changed my life forever.

    • stonewall_79

      Well said bro.

  • XChequer

    What a man to come out and say. Just to admit that he needed help. Am blown away by his honesty. Wish somehow we could get together and take away, if only for a moment, a minute of that pain or get in front and guard them for a spell as they have guarded us with their lives and perhaps – for a moment – they can stand down and be at peace.

  • ljrmisty


  • stonewall_79

    This guys and girls are way to much the greatest people you could ever meet.

  • Anonymous

    If this is “1st Sgt Brian Camacho” hes a fraud and was recently arrested under the Stolen Valor act for posing as a marine.

  • Justin

    If this is 1st Sgt Brian Camacho. He is a fraud!! He came to a group here in canada Called military minds and they paid his way to help get his voice out. Only to find he is being arrested and charged under the Stolen valor act for posing as a marine. Brian Camacho is not a marine just a weak individual posing as one. He took a charitable group whos soul purpose is to raise awareness of PTSD and took adventage of there generousity and desire to help. FUCK THIS GUY. If by any chance this is the real Marine then Semper Fi. But that fraud was found out and is having the law come down on him hard thankfully!!

  • mark

    It is not a real marine. He is the fraud.As a Marine I can tell you it is easy to spot the phony ones.The dead give away is when they never mention their fellow Marines.And only talk about themselves. Plus use a hollywood response.Like too many to count. Shame on this asshole. Hope he gets rapedin prison.

  • phil v

    This guys a fraud it was in the marine times he never went to afghan or iraq and hes already been arrested appearently

  • John

    I never heard about this shit till I just watched the video. Sarge???!!!! Come on!!!! At least talk to one fuckin Marine and realize we are way too proud to be called a mother fuckin sarge!!!! Especially a first sergeant???!!!! What an idiot

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