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Dakota Rose is something out of this world (33 Photos)

  • Mute

    I think shes adorable!screw you all shes pretty

  • Denniz

    God, she's so sexy, I could bang her a whole month….

  • Ayeh Elian

    i like u and i think your nice but you look like a 12 year old and ur actully in your 20…EAT!

  • Hunger Games Girl

    She's 16 years old. I think she looks beautiful. If I was a lesbian, I would go out with her but I'm not. She would have to be a lesbian also. And it would be the same if I was a guy. I wonder where she lives. Her legs are a little weird looking. But other than that she's great.

  • Hunger Games Girl

    No wait I just found out she's 19.

  • Da_Juggernaut

    I do admit i am in love… idc what any one else says..

  • mindfreak

  • lily
  • Farrukh

    i love her

  • Derek Apple Apfel

    My penis is soooo confused

  • Jawbone

    God, please tell me she's been abducted and assaulted by now.

  • Sam

    All shoops. She is actually a relatively normal, pudgy faced young lady.

  • Fake

    Anyone who can't see these pictures are Photoshopped is a retard..

  • Luise Palfy

    didn't you know that she photosops all her pics and videos?
    etc etc etc

    and many more sites that proof she lies.
    just type "Dakota Rose real or fake" and voila.

  • maxwell

    i dont get it. is she a human or a doll?

  • Angel child

    Wow! She's really beautiful!!
    I believe that she's true and "born this way" like a doll
    Love you Dakota!!
    Wish that you are also beautiful in the inside :))

  • Ellie

    Guys. She Photoshops EVERYTHING.
    Do a little more research, she's gone on TV and shown her real face.
    She doesn't look like this naturally. It's Makeup and Photoshop.

  • kel

    If Dakotas makeup tricks or using software for her pictures is upsetting you, you need a life but you also know NOTHING about the modeling world or the new styles of photo enhancements, educate your self in the industry of photo solfware and modeling before condeming a girl for rocking her look!!! Check the work of KATARINA SOKOLOVA!

  • Joe

    I think she’s really fucking hot and I would bang her, but then I went on this site And I did see that her life was really fucked up. By the way she hates gays and blacks which I kinda hate too

  • Tihor

    This is the creepiest looking girl I've seen in my life! What the hell is wrong with her?

    Take a good look at her legs. They're way out of proportion with the rest of her body. I'd wager that she's either aneroxic or bulimic!

  • tudhar khuje

    Tere naina TEre naina Tere naina reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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