Tim Tebow: The Broncos, the mania, and the move to the Jets (33 Photos)

  • passwordistaco

    What is it going to take to keep this guy out of the fucking news? He sucks! He prays not to suck. End of story.

    • justabill

      Harsh. But true.

      • GO GATORS!!!

        Yeah he sucks just like the Gators did those years he played for them.

        • NINO

          BIG difference between College ball and the NFL. Those years with the Gators don't matter in the NFL.

          • thedude325

            I didn't really particulary care for the guy because he played for the gators, but a good football player is a good football player and a good leader is a good leader.

            • Marshall

              Even one that spent his college losses crying like someone stole his favorite toy when he lost? I hated that so much during his college years it's hard to like him now. Take a loss and move on.

              I do feel like he got shafted by the Broncos though. Come in and help them, NOT take them, help them to the playoffs and then get booted is harsh, but that's the business side of the NFL.

              • yup

                This has got to be some of the dumbest shit to care about… following the newest boy bands sounds more exciting…

                • etcrr

                  i like boybands there very talented great smiles nice legs

              • Miller

                Just like you cry at your job when someone doesn't fix another pot of coffee at work? don't finger point, we all cry like someone stole our favorite toy…for Tebow..it happens to be a football game…for normal people it may be when we don't get our way at work…Haters can't stand Tebow because he represents and conducts himself in a manner not only they understand, but they will never be able to!

              • logicyup

                He didn't get shafted. He got what happens all the time in sports. A better option came along,so he was traded. Tebow was even given a choice between a couple teams, which is a lot more then most traded players get. All in all Timmy boy got a pretty good deal, and ends up with a higher chance of being a starter at some point over the next couple of years then he would of gotten if he stayed put.

              • thedude325

                I went to bama. We (our team) beat (the shit out of) the gators for Tebow's last game. His crying was the icing on the cake. But, even though I don't care for him, he is a good football player.

    • ScottM

      Yeah, the Heisman trophy is given to the worst player of year… He had a shitty team to play with. Aikmen was in the same boat as him. Shitty team, but high expectations. How can you talk shit about Tebow? Are you taking his spot? Get over yourself.

      • passwordistaco

        All you guys backing Tebow are funny. He can't throw and he can't read a defense, his only positive (running) happens when the play breaks down (often). Bring up college all you want it's almost a different sport entirely, all he had to do was throw it up there for Harvin and he did the rest. Sucks may have been a little harsh, how about "most over-rated of all time"? Better? lmao

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #3 just take it, it'll be over soon.

  • LucretiusCarus

    As I read elsewhere but it deserves repeating…

    So you back up your QB, who can't play QB, with a QB who also can't play QB. Great thinking there, Jets. Sexy Rexy will have a grand time with this duo.

    • Jason

      He won more playoff games than Sanchez did last year, and he did it in such a unique way…that people like you..who love to hate…really don't have a say…Tim will succeed in NY. NOT saying Sanchez won't, but Tim brings an element to a team that the Broncos I believe were somewhat intimidated by.

      • LucretiusCarus

        You're totally right. I'm sure we'll have some really great football to look forward to in the AFC east this year. Maybe some really brilliant Tebow play like we saw in the AFC championship game. I know he was amazing in that one, right?


    #29 Congrats on your new Running Back???? I mean.. QB

    • shakeandbake

      Not a terrible thing if they can run the wildcat with efficiency. Also, takes the heat of Kate Upton's shitty quarterbacking QB. I'm from Canada though, so what the shit do I know.

  • flybirdsfly

    He has become a comical version of himself.

  • LongHairedSpreadNeck

    Let me be the first to say, “God bless… Ahhhh ‘MERICA!”

    Not intended to be a “first” comment

  • obibobkenobi

    Tim Tebow makes me want to punch babies

    • thom

      The hatred is so unbelievable. I am not particularly reliegous but I don't understand why people hate him so much. Do you have the same hatred for the drug-dealers, wife-beaters and thugs in the NFL?
      But a good guy, with good morals and a solid head on his shoulders sends you in to a frenzy of hatred that makes you want to punch babies?!?!
      What in the hell is wrong with you?

      • Dr Matis Toboggan

        I think people are sick of hearing about him in the media. I don't think it has to do with him being a good or bad person.

      • obibobkenobi

        It all started when he got drafted. I had to fire Josh McDaniels as my head coach in Madden because even though I respect the way he ran the Broncos into the ground I couldn't have any man that would draft someone with so little talent running my franchise. Fast forward to Tim Tebow's first start. I have a successful Sunday Daycare center full of 5 year old kids. I'm watching Tebow stink up the NFL when it hits me, any one of these 5 year old kids can read defenses better than this tripe that is taking snaps on my TV.

        I can only describe it like that movie Mars Attacks when the aliens, I don't know what planet they were from, saw the dove and went ape shit. It was like I was the little green dudes from wherever and Tebow was the dove that got blown to shit. i started wailing on these five year old like they were Tim Tebow, and the stupid bastards just stood there and took it. Before I knew it they all had black eyes and bloody noses.

        I figured their parents would be pretty bent about their kids not being returned in mint condition so I left work to go buy a bunch of coffee tables. I could say they all fell face first into the corners and it wasn't my fault, of course one stupid ass Broncos fan complained and I lost my business including my brand new Ikea coffee tables. So now whenever I see Tim Tebow I want to punch babies.

        So in answer to your question I punch babies because I lost everything due to your so called "good guy" with "good morals" inability to use the "solid head on his shoulders" to read a fucking defense so he dances around the field like an asshole completing 3/10 passes for 10 yards…

  • Thomas

    For real fuck tebow he is horrible shouldn’t be in the nfl at all ill give him 3 more years then he will be playing Canadian ball or selling bibles door to door. Hi my names Tim tebow I peaked in college and am not a real athleat would you like to bye a bible.

    • passwordistaco

      Omg the grammar police are coming and they are about to go bullshit over this retarded rant. And Go!

    • Chr1s

      Well, peaking in college is nothing you have to worry about. "athleat", "bye a bible"??? Come on bro, glass houses my man.

      • Chr2s

        What do you do for a living c**stain?

        • ???

          cod stain?

        • Chr1s

          Not sure how it is relevant, but I'm a CPA. I have to tell you though, if you want my stats and # you are on the wrong website.

    • danimal

      He's in the NFL. He's scored touchdowns in the NFL. How is he not an athlete? Wait…how do you even know how to use a computer??

    • shoemate

      Hi, my name's Thomas and I never peaked in college and am not a real intelligent person. Would you teach me how to spell?

    • SLOTH

      baaaabbyyy RUUUUTH!!! AH HAHAHAAA!

    • Ian

      Thomas, I'm guessing you didn't even make it as far as college, and you're probably not a real athlete either. Fair assumption?


    #9 "Thats what vagina tastes like?"

    • RaysFan

      Jon Hamm knows for sure

    • mojomojo444

      its Jon Hamm thats pointing and I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to ask

    • TebowTime

      HAHA YES! Totally picturing Tebow being all "dude! that's gross!!!" now.


    Make him a FB.

  • Bud

    Couldn't help yourself huh chive? Everyone has to get in on TeBlow mania.

  • chrisdg74

    Ranked 28th(out of 34) among starting QBs, as far as quarterback rating goes.
    Why all the hype?

    • Chr1s

      Because . . . "Just win baby!!"

      • Just Sayin'

        Using a Raiders phrase to explain a Bronco = FAIL

  • johngaltjkt

    Statistically…He's at best not a good Quarterback. BUT..He's a winner…So get over it.

    • Red

      All he does is wins, I can't understand why people can't see this.

      • Chris

        everyone said the same thing about vince young. look where he is now

  • frankus

    as a jets fan this is my nightmare.

    • The Dude

      Noooo shit. What are they doing.. it feels like this was posted to make fun of us

    • Joe

      Being a jets fan makes your argument invalid.

    • Chris

      As a Pats fan I find this awesome! Can't wait for the new season now. Maybe "Footsie" will get so frustrated that he'll have an embolism and drop dead on the sideline.

  • Justin Gaysackett

    What is it with this guy? He is not all that, everyone worships him! So lame!!!!

    • Tim Tebow

      Hey "Gaysackett"…i'd be jealous of Tebow too…it'll be okay.

  • Shnooda

    You are all haters. He is in the nfl. Clearly he doesn’t suck he’s doing a lot more with his life then you are. You guys are defiantly siting home jerking off to the Chive girls because you can’t get any real pussy because your a fat discussing mess. Eat a dick

    • yup

      Actually, he'd be doing a lot more with his life THAN we are. We also would be SITTING home jerking off, because we're DISGUSTING messes. We also like ending our last, angry statement with punctuation.

      • Lev

        This guy sure showed you, he's doing something with his life: correcting spelling on the internet.

        • Vel

          God forbid somebody try to purge a little stupid out of the internet.

        • chief

          Yeah, Lev! You showed him by commenting on his comment! Superiority lvl exceeded!!!

    • Trav11

      No (asshole) most of us are wondering why the regular people flock to a subpar quarterback. Being critical of a player is one thing but this twat is on the news every night for what reason?? Rushing yards by a QB? Don't be such a prick, and yes I will be DEFIANTLY jerking off.

      • Mav22

        You don't have to be defiant about it…just tug on it a bit.

        • Chr1s

          Yeah, I'd be careful about fapping defiantly. You could seriously pull a muscle or something.

          • iChive

            ^^ True. I'm married now, and all of my masturbation is defiant. And dangerous.

      • Momma Goodell

        Same reason your boss hasn't fired you even despite your "subpar" character…commenting on NFL…a game! And a guy you've never met……doooooooooooooooooooooooooshbaaag!

      • Skidoo

        Some people judge others on things besides how well they throw a ball down a field.

    • Chiveloverblahblah

      Most QB’s don’t go to the pro bowl their first couple years much less when they are backups or 3rd string. Stop hating on him and go back to masterbating, he’ll be good later.

      • Joel

        And most quarterbacks don't get as much hype as him even when they are truly amazing quarterback's. He is garnering as much media hype as Peyton Manning, and Tebow will be lucky to do half as well as Peyton in his career. However, Tebow still gets so much attention. If the media didn't put so much attention on him all the time, people wouldn't hate on his as much.

        • ChiveAtWork

          If people would stop talking about him, good or bad, they wouldn't keep putting him on magazines, tv, etc. So maybe instead of hating on him, just don't say anything. That would be one less person talking about him.

    • chris

      really? calm down

  • yup

    Why is this a post?

    • yuh


  • micheal scott

    Maybe they should've had an abortion…

  • W

    Chive….. where’s all the females, man??? Its almost 9am and there’s nothing to look at but dudes and Bulgaria?? For shame!

  • Martin_McFly


  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Cannot wait until this shit show unfurls.

    • Si1entStatic

      like when the Broncos go to the meadow lands with Manning and win….

  • None

    Hey Tebow haters! How are your NFL careers going? Oh that’s right, you probably never made it past pee wee. Give the guy a break. He’s working hard. The spotlight can’t be easy.

    • Joel

      That's exactly it, a unproven player is getting such media hype constantly. I don't like Tebow from his college days simply because of all the constant media hype about the guy. If they want Tebow to ever stand a fair chance at excelling, they will treat him like the player he is and let him be for awhile until maybe he can be a good quarterback.

    • Tom Brady

      I mean it's going pretty well i guess

      • Eli Manning


        • Peyton Manning

          Lolz, Iknowryte?

    • Kevin

      doesnt change the fact hes a VERY SUB PAR piece of shit qb

  • Man of the North

    Now the jets have 2 crappy QBs… good job

  • Kevin

    stupidest. thread. ever.

  • Mr. T

    ??? Wut?

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