A Chivette would like to make you Macaroni and Cheese Cupcakes (19 Photos)

Macaroni and Cheese Cupcakes for my Chivers:  Kraft Mac and Cheese, add bacon, add more cheese, layer into cupcake tins with crumbed and sliced sausage, bake, cool, bread in Panko, fry, then top with canned cheese as icing and bacon bits as sprinkles.

Preferably this should be done without any clothes on but you'll get the idea. KCCO

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  • ARey

    Does she have a boyfriend??????

  • Cody

    #15 cant figure out what makes my mouth water more

  • William

    Marty me.

  • JasPen

    I would like to eat all my food in cupcake form

  • ShinKicker

    mother of god…

  • Mashinka

    Omgsh, I want it!

  • dennis

    i always wanted to see what a heart attack on a plate looked like.

  • DSB

    I love you

  • Dylan

    #19 mother of God

  • mrneoluddite

    Mother of God!

  • Direthol

    And some still wonder why Americans are fat.
    but yeah i will take one 😉

  • Sundevil8181

    Wow! I have to make that…awesome

  • quez77

    WIFEY material

  • Tyler Durden

    #14 and #15 because boobs


    That weird moment when you are licking a chivettes "cupcakes" on your monitor and your boss walks in…

  • MadeInTheUSA

    And why in the world do you have cloth on. Didnt you read the directions

  • Teller

    can i keeps you for life

  • CamJeebs

    Missing ingredient: HONEY. Trust me.

  • Will

    marry me.

  • Cravenraven

    So… not only is she hot, but she can make some genius deliciousness…. MUST HAS EM BOTH!!!!!!

  • sebs

    that looks like a heart attack to me

  • Citysin Angels

    please oh please will you marry me 🙂

  • hmcby

    All good until the spray cheese, I prefer real please, provolone would rock this

  • SPH

    You created mac and cheese cupcakes…….. Marry me


    I thought you were suppost to make these with out any clothes on.

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