Friday Firepower: launched in 1917, this is the USS Idaho BB-42 (39 HQ Photos)

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  • etcrr

    In her day She was an amazingly powerful ship

  • Doc

    #11 Right shoulder, Arms!

    • Doc

      Good thing I know my right from my left….

  • mongoose5271

    I can't ever get enough of World War II era ships (even the ones that began their career pre-1941). So majestic.

  • john lookin for members

  • lorenzo

    Ugh. Yes. That box. Or should I say, those boxes. Photos of a much-younger me all doelld up for a college dance. Photos of boyfriends past and friends who have passed away. Photos from my teaching stints in Korea. Photos from the Heroic Trip to Italy with my husband, his boss, and my mother. Photos from my sister’s wedding on the beach. Photos from my book research trips. The last photos of our first dog. The first photos of the dog now sleeping on my lap. Photos from my days before my husband. Photos of his days before me. And that chronicle of our courtship and the last decade of marriage, too. They are all trapped together in that never-never land of photo safe boxes the sad, the sweet, the elegant and the mundane (not to mention the unflattering). Together they represent decades of moments I never wanted to forget and some which I have already forgotten. I long to put them together into books to digitally create that ultimate record of our lives. Ciao!

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