User submit: have a laugh with 1st BN 4th MAR (26 Photos)

“Pictures are from the times when i was with 1st BN 4th MAR  was in Iraq, Jordan, guam, and now with my new unit in Japan Mass-2. I was part of back to back Deployments, then a MEU, got to fly up on a Cobra with my old Unit 1st Bn 4th Marines for a bit. got orders to Okinawa Japan with MASS-2 Airwing. have a pic from Sgt Coate she is the one wearing the yellow Hazmat jumpsuit deal.”
Thank you Steve for sending these in

  • etcrr

    Thank you for your service to our country and sharing these great pics

  • @Dishwater

    the title is wrong, 1st Battalion 4th Marines. or 1st BN 4th Marines. the "MAR" would mean something totally different. well it would if "MAR" as an abbreviation meant anything in the Marine Corps.

  • Team Diesel

    Fucking POGs

  • 0311

    If you're going to have pictures of our infantry battalion, at least show the actually grunts who deserve the credit and not all the fucking POGs who have all the time in the world to take these pictures.

    • 0621

      Wish I had more pics from 1/4 for sure, had a good run for four years with them, Lost a lot of pic's , we all do our part. I'm not upset for marines calling me a pog, with 1/4 felt like i wasn't, for being a companies RO, let just kick back have a few laughs and drink a pint or two. KCCO

  • 0311

    A Sgt with 3 deployments to Iraq and still no CAR? Yea, pog'est of the pogs.

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