Another real-life Barbie doll who wants your attention (34 Photos)

Via Malibubarbiedolly (Warning: NSFW)
To see Russia’s real-life version of a barbie doll click HERE.

  • Gorgeousglenn


    • Blake
      • Blake

        Oh…and NSFW (as if external links when the post about a girl are EVER sfw =P )

    • Sixers

      she looks like the type of chick that thinks giving head is "icky"

      • Dudes

        Bet not check out her blog thing up there shes naked!!


    I want to pull her head off

    • FaceUSMC

      Just picture a recruit and sever!

      • Royce

        What batallian and company DI? Could it be one of my drill instructors?

    • Wet_tosti

      There are at least a few plastic parts on this doll!

      • Underbaker

        Her boobs for 2.

    • NcouthYouth

      I'm sure she gives GREAT.. conversation.

    • PANCHO

      love girls with daddy issues

    • Smoke14

      I love dumb girls with no self esteem.

    • Hoorah

      What a waste of a perfectly good white girl.

  • Mikey

    Well, I think the only real question is whether or not she's anatomically identical to an actual Barbie. Unlike Ken, I need a place to stick it!

    • bobby

      unfortunately, she just has a slight groove where her ass is, so, no soup for you!

    • Sean

      I say we find her a man EXACTLY like Ken so they can both be sexually frustrated!

    • SimonPhoenix

      She is a fuckin' douchette.

      ugly and gross ….
      BUT YEAH I WOULD TOTALLY still hit it.

      • tvotr

        She is made of more plastic than an actual Barbie..

        • Thror

          I would, but I think I would find the constant squeak distracting….

    • CarolineOEvans

      Wow..That wasn't ignorant.

  • 3630

    Definitely hot as heck. No doubt.

    • zinzat

      The thumbs are -17 as I reply ……… come on you dopes – give 3630 some credit for sarcasm!

      • Ned_Plimpton

        Sarcasm??? She's hot as hell. What do you people see that I don't??

        Long blonde hair, pretty face, big jugs & rockin' bodies aren't your thing??

        Having said that, she looks like a high maintenance, expensive, bitch that I would love to marry & divorce.

        • Dr. Cagelove

          I think I'd rather just be the guy she cheats on you with once in a while.

        • dudeman

          you would marry that thing??! She's a solid f'n'c at best

      • pretty smile

        I don''t see any difference between her and what any girls does on here when posting pics.

    • fuck Stan

      these guys acting like they wouldn't fuck her are crazy……. half of these bastards would be excited to actually see a tit in real life…. she looks just like one of these attention seeking whore chivettes….

      • DirtyJersey

        If you like fake tits, fake lips, fake nose, fake cheeks. This bitch is just like barbie…100% plastic!

        • Kzo

          Fake lips or too much duckface?

        • KCCO

          The only thing that looks fake is her tits and eyelashes hair and contacts etc…no girl is quote unquote real…every girl uses illusions to enhance themselves, doesnt make em plasctic

      • Ian

        I think if she needs to put her big girl pants on, get rid of #7 and without make up looks like #27. How is that pretty? She is horrible.

        • adf

          you idiot she looks fucking retarded in 27 because of the make up

      • LadyElf

        Has nobody noticed that this guy called chivettes "attention seeking whore[s]"? Does a girl have to send in semi-nude pictures of herself to be a chivette? Maybe I'm confused because I'm a woman with a tiny woman brain. Why don't you enlighten me fuck Stan

        • A Nonny Mouse

          yeah he still appears happy to ogle the whores…

        • etcrr

          your tiny little brain could not comprehend an explanation, now shut the fuck up and get back in the kitchen!

        • etcrrsucksdick

          the only chivettes who do not send semi-nude pictures to this site, are fat, ugly ones….

          • asdasd

            I would say the only chivettes who don't get POSTED are the fat ones…
            I would bet there is a ton (zing!!) of chubby-fat chivettes in the inbox/recycle bin

        • jig

          No point. You're a tiny brained cunt, by your own admission. Go cosplay some elf shit and pretend you aren't a fat fuck.

          • Red

            What the hell went wrong with these comments? You people see a measly couple of pictures of this woman on the internet and assume you know everything about her. Just because you see her breasts? What if it was you the world was judging? I hope this girl never has to read these comments. What the hell is wrong with people in the world today.

  • RandomTask09

    #24: Do Barbie's come with tattoos now??

    • John Kenny

      …or tits bigger than her head? o.0

    • Irv

      Do plural nouns come with apostrophes now?

      • tapsnapornap

        In comment sections? Nearly always.

        • Epitomizer


          • tapsnapornap

            Nailed it

    • PGASD

      Would definitely stick it between the twins

      • tapsnapornap

        Me too

    • Katie

      Unfortunately yes, yes they do. <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

      • 817-chivette

        Unfortunately? Oh no! About time they do!

        • iChive

          No, its unfortunate. Teaching little girls to destroy their looks and future to try and fit in.

          • Derek

            So your lesson is…get tattoos to fit in, or don't get tattoos to also fit in? Or is the lesson to use your personal definition of beauty to judge those who do not conform to your standards? So much to learn from so few words.

    • Joe

      Tramp Stamp Barbie

      • StaticFX

        i was going to say this! lol


  • Hypno

    You know that she's going to be doing this when she's in her 50's. I wonder what THAT train wreck is going to look like. Gross.

    • Trent

      Which is why I want to plow her now and not when she is 50

    • Euhhh


    • Marb

      Exactly like Tara Reid at 30

    • Ned_Plimpton

      With all the advancements in surgery and cosmetology & considering she's already hot, I'd say she'll look more than do-able when she's in her 50's…

      • DirtyJersey

        Have you ever seen someone with plastic surgery even ten years later? Your body grows and ages while the fake parts dont because they are not organic. Plastic doesnt age. So you end up looking like a ghoul

        • Ned_Plimpton

          Dyan Cannon is 73.. Suzanne Somers is 65… Lisa Rinna 49…. Jane Seymour, Kim Basinger, Renee Russo, Goldie Hawn, Kim Cattrel, Sigourney Weaver, Katey Segal…. The list goes on! All hot & have had surgeries for decades.

          • The_Dood

            That's because they have enough money to get more surgeries when the aging starts to make things look abnormal.

          • hahahaagg

            well at least ned's made it clear that his pursuit in life is to lock down a fake plastic barbie bitch who will surely cheat on him countless times throughout they're apathetic failed 5 yr marriage. Ain't even afraid to admit it!!

            • Ned_Plimpton


              • JHL1

                No and then!

      • Ned's other man

        don't you suck dick? I'm pretty sure you don't care how she would look when she is 50 because you'll be too busy with wee wee's in your mouth.

    • Dalton

      imagine all the layers of makeup shit youd have on you just from touching her

    • Glenn

      Just look at Angelyne and you can get the picture…

    • Piggles

      Google Image search for "Cat Lady "

      Nuff said.

    • PianoFingers

      That's an easy one: she's going to look exactly like she looks now. It'll have costed her a lot of money. And I'd still hit it.


    • Collin


  • Molkobain

    She better spend her money in a real camera…

  • JJJ

    #18 That guy is about as impressed as I am…

    • Ben

      Doesn't matter how good she looks, there is always some poor bastard that's sick of her shit

    • Derp

      I didn't know that there was a douche bag version of Ken.

      • Herp

        That's what I was thinking!

      • DoC

        Looks more like "Prison Bitch Ken"

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Yeah, iunno. I get the blonde hair and the bags and shoes…… but i don't see the comparison….. maybe it's just me….

    • Yessirr

      Cool, she hangs out with Gerard Butler.

    • #387

      Doesn't matter…had sex

    • blondie

      hahahaha YES

    • DoomsDayDub

      Is that "Meth-Head Ken"

  • esr

    Is she a porn chick?

    • spicticus

      Looks sorta like Puma Swede. I mean, I'm not sure…

      • Tang

        kinda but she looks alot shorter…

    • 5h0ck3r

      I'm sure she will be soon

  • Johnny

    Still looks the same in the dark, I'd fuck it

    • Ekajevans

      Wouldn't feel the same though. It would be like f**cking a wet seal.

  • John Kenny

    HAAAA… #22 looks like she is in a music video for the band Aqua.

    • breaklance

      I was thinking Katy Perry knock-off. Either way, more plastic than woman isn't hot.

    • Ian

      I thought Nikki Minaj

    • edd

      I like how nobody gets the joke.

      • Julio

        That is the best part of it.

  • blahblah

    I'd hit that, and we all know she's fucking crazy.

    • Ian

      I'd hit that, with a hammer. Because you know she's got some screws loose for doing all that to herself.

      • not you

        you don't hammer screws

    • big_james

      Exactly just hit it and forget it. No reason to find out what she is going to look like in 20 years.

    • sdawson22

      all bitchs be crazy!

    • zunebeatsipod


    • Derek


  • Ivanhoe

    All women are insane. Some just have the money and time to prove it.

    • Danielle

      not all of us. just the ones that are seem to make it into the public eye. :/

      • beatarmy

        Well if they weren't crazy they wouldn't get the attention. That's why I find it best to talk to every girl you meet. Just because she isn't flaunting herself doesn't mean shes not saving it for someone who has the balls to go up and talk to her.

      • Brown Bear

        nope, ALL women are insane, she's just proving it to everybody as opposed to just her friends

        • whatismoralfiber

          Brown Bear doesn't like women

          • pretty smile

            whatismoralfiber has never been with a women

            • Derek

              I'm inclined to agree.

    • Lacey

      If all women are insane, then all men are stupid. I guarantee some idiotic bf payed for half her surgerys.

    • Amy

      hey now 😛 definitely have to say not all women are insane. Several yes…but that would be like women say all men are pervs….oh wait 😛

  • passwordistaco

    Mission: Look like a cheap plastic toy


    • Mayor West

      Fail, u look like a lost lil girl that boys are gonna use 😦 get some GD self confidence "woman"!!!!

  • bdg

    I wonder if while your banging her it squeaks when you go in and out?

    • Me1


    • Youarewelcome

      It squeaks when you bang it….. thats what she said

  • BigPup

    #35 I'd chuck a boner in it.

    • weezethejuice

      Good thing! Your current blow up doll is probably getting full

      • BigPup

        Oh thank God, and for a minute I actually thought we would make it through this without some lame ass troll comment. You sir have restored my faith in dipshits. And fyi, my blow up doll washes out so she's nowhere near full… good day.

        • Boobs4theWIN

          Hahaha chuck a boner in it… Well played sir

  • Mike

    I bet she'll still look great in 4 more years. (lol)

    • BXL

      Mike, she's plastic and therefore she'll look great for MANY years to come. Decades and Centuries to come… lol

  • BC37

    I bet she's fun, bring on Country Girl!

    • bobby

      i bet she and country girl are equally insane!

      • whatismoralfiber

        Leave country girl alone she is a peach

        • iChive

          She's a fucking Whore and an ugly one to boot. You can her and her diseases. Actually, you can't because she is a lesbian.

          • KCCO

            just because a girl is pretty doesnt make her a whore, if anything shes less likely to be diseased because she can afford to be picky…dont be mad because you got turned down by all of the hot woman in high school and now have a complex…

  • f1junkie

    Not good. I would rather a real woman over a plastic frankenstein.

    • optimus

      She looks like a Japanese-made robot that's fallen into the "uncanny valley" .. close to looking human but "off" just enough that it freaks you the hell out.

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #9 Where's your mouth? u no can do photoshop.?

    • Mike

      ha, didn't even catch it the first time.

    • zgl

      mouth? half her face!

    • 2nnt

      and where is her neck!?!?

  • Kyle

    She's no chivette, which is really what matters

    • bobby

      yeah, cuz chivettes aren't complete attention whores, either.

      • bobbysright

        hear hear!

      • whatismoralfiber

        There lies my dilemma…i used to scroll chive on a daily basis. My bf even submitted a pic I'd sent him and surprised me with the post. But as of late Im not feeling the same vibe I used to get scrolling through chivette pics. Its an attention whoring vibe that i want no part of. I've been considering asking him to not submit anymore of my pics. What to do…

        • Chicago Sean

          Well, he's obviously not the jealous type. Do what makes you comfortable. And if posing in few clothes and posting those pictures for the whole world to gawk at makes you comfortable, by all means. If you won't, others will.

          • whatismoralfiber

            My sentiments exactly if I won't others will…I guess I'll leave it up to them. Enjoy your quality chivettes.

    • Patches

      Bullshit. If they put a photo like #16 in the "sexy chivettes" post, with a little photoshopped chive sign or tattoo, you'd all be yelling for "moar".

      • like boobies

        true dat!!!

  • Iam_Davey

    what a doll!

    • Turd Ferguson


    • monoxxide

      no mom it's my action figure

  • Trav1121

    I wish I had more money than I knew what to do with…

    • Really tho??!!

      Lol buy her a new fake… Think it's all covered 😝

  • Vytenis Kybartas

    Looks ugly

    • MonkeyMadness

      You know you and every other guy here would give a left nut for a chance to be with her!

      • Vytenis Kybartas

        Some of us have self respect!

        • MariaSky100

          You, kind sir, are my new hero. Thanks for restoring my faith in men 🙂

          • Amy

            I second that!

            • Chivers

              Great story ladies…now take off your tops.

        • areyouagod

          I respect you for your self respect. Thank you. There is hope.

        • Derek

          This move doesn't get you laid off the internet…I'm curious what its' success rate is on the internet. I'm guessing it's still pretty close to zero. And no, a high-five and congratulatory "You go girl!" most assuredly does not count as getting laid.

      • The_Dood

        Actually, I'm just going to have to uhh… yeah, go ahead and uhhh disagree with you on that there uhhh, Yeah. I think I'm alright on this one. I wouldn't give up a hair on my left nut for this hunk of plastic.

    • Anjin-San

      Well, defenetely not marriage material..
      But i would bang her till death..

  • Rollout25

    #1 I would kiss her soo much!

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