• CJizzle

    girl knows how to work a hula hoop….

    • CJizzle

      what the hell was that at 2:10?

      • CYL


        • socal dude

          of the sexy variety

      • Katie

        I stopped and re-watched that like 3 times, 4:20 also

        • Katie


    • theNOOGE

      But does she know how to work a stove?

      • its_forge

        Who cares, with that amount of control of her pelvic muscles she can do whatever the hell she likes and I'll do the cooking.

      • Dr. Evil

        The virginity is strong with theNOOGE!

    • moX


    • arTee

      Chive, we triple dog dare you to FIND HER! (that means you have to do it)

    • Billy

      More Goldfish awesome.

    • adsrgh

      Which vid is better?

    • negative nancy

      I bet her parents are super duper proud of her..

    • Martin

      I have a daunting feeling this level of talent and the practice it takes to master this skill will certainly interfere with the quality of her grilled cheese sandwiches.

    • A_O

      man the daisy dukes were killer

      • m_ad_04m_ax_


    • iamblair

      With the right outift(s), music, she could do a short act for a larger show like a opener, Vegas, the lighted hoop would be cool. Hot and has skills for sure.

    • Ben

      I would like to see her other yard art..

  • LaurenGoMeow

    Hoopsie daisy is a great vid she did

    • Epitomizer

      She's about obsessed with the furry boots

      • LaurenGoMeow

        She is, but oh my I'm not lookin at the boots

    • keepitsimple

      its too bad the hula hoop would get in the way during sexy time

      • bill laimbeer

        we need an HQ zoom in on the jubblies… cmon chive

    • m_ad_04m_ax_

      looking good lauren

  • THOR


    • Amy


      • Brother Maynard

        I can think of other rooms I'd rather have her in…..

        • Joe pancake

          lol, CLASSIC internet

      • THOR

        yes bitch, seriously.. and why are you not in the kitchen? get off the computer and make me a fucking sandwich!!

        • @dustintad

          Thor is a lame super hero. Only one worse i can think of is aquaman.

          • THOR

            but i have a hammer….. and brother/daddy issues……. and run around on rainbows….. guess i am kinda lame. 😦

            • Mickael Duncan

              Plays with his hammer…brother/daddy issues….lots of rainbows….I don't think she's who you want in your kitchen…not that there's anything wrong with that

              • HowBowtNo

                I think you mean that he wants to have sex with men. THAT IS ALL!!!!

                • Dr. Evil

                  Most internet misogynists tend to be one of four things;

                  – Jackass trolls
                  -Basement dwelling virgins
                  – If they have a girlfriend, it's only because they lucked out and found someone with daddy issues who reminds them of their bitch of a mother who hates herself even more than they do.
                  – They're completely p-whipped and have to go online to say things they wouldn't dare say to their controlling bitch of a girlfriend.

                  • m_ad_04m_ax_

                    i think thor meets all four of these criteria it is possible to be whipped and a virgin in thor's case

    • its me

      This is whats wrong with the Chive. You advocate womanizers. I love women and I love this chick! GO GIRLS!

  • tinyonwirk

    Hot. but her last video was hotter!!!

    • Greg

      Agreed!! She lost way too much weight, and her clothing isn't as sexy as before…. But I'd still hit, jus sayin

      • HowBowtNo

        YES SIR. She had a booty before

    • Boobs4theWIN

      True – but she was rockin some yoga pants pretty legit in this one…. Either way…. Yes!

    • chode

      Definitely digging her in the blue shorts and tank top. The other outfits, not so much.

      • bill

        agree blue shorts and tank top yummy.

    • m_ad_04m_ax_

      y u no link

  • Trize

    some things in life once you start watching, you can't stop

    • negative nancy

      wrong, I stopped watching after the first minute.. its just a hula hoop guys, I mean honestly.. How forever alone are you?

      • nancy

        Yeah just a hula hoop, just a stripper pole, just a goddam popsicle! It's the chick that makes it silly.

      • m_ad_04m_ax_

        stopped watching after first minute then came to comment section for half an hour. good priorities nancy.

    • WS6

      For some reason I read your comment in the voice from the song in the video

  • BigMIKe


  • Grey

    Fir…. Fuck it who cares

  • Too Bad

    She's still hot. But she was hotter before. Just sayin…

    • Toba

      She still managed to reduce my evening to one unassailable erection.

  • whyme1973

    I want to touch her in an impure manner.

  • echogeo

    She needs a pole and some pasties.

    • Dotson

      Minus the pasties…

  • Jeffy

    Monday afternoon complete.

  • Idius

    She can entertain me after the zombie apocalypse… If you know what I mean!

    • Master_Rahl

      Zombie strippers was proven to be a bad idea… they eat you in the bad way.

  • Seth Caskey

    Where's her photo shoot?

  • Greg

    OMG sooo HOT! Please make her next week's Chivette of the Week!?!?! I MUST HAVE MOAR!!!!!

    • Silverstone

      I second the motion!!!

    • Riley Freeman

      Third, despite your issue with your keyboard's caps lock.

  • truth

    I wish THIS was what Burning Man was- more hot girls with hula hoops, less stinky hippies

  • Nanook

    Mute that cheesy audio and watch while listening to George Throgood's "Who Do You Love". Works great.

    • Will Morris

      That works great. Try John Martyn's cover of Portishead's Glory Box. Try not to come. Seriously

    • Sharkman

      Tried it with "Steal The Show" by Fastway, very nice, the video is longer than the song.
      Doesn't matter, still rocked!

  • joro

    Where's this chick from? I saw, and briefly talked to, a girl 'performing' very similar to this on Bourbon Street here in NOLA during the Final Four weekend.

    • Guest

      She's from the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

    • nobody

      girls do this everywhere man

    • Sick350Z


  • Samuelito

    she is cool as beans! so talented and looks like a blast on the dance floor, but somebody has got to tell her to get rid of those boots…

    • Bud

      1. The saying is "cool beans"

      2. Don't use it

      • 'sota

        Hahaha yes! Win.

    • Thoridin58

      The boots are made for those that Hoop Dance. They protect the shins.

      • thereugo

        "protect the shins" from what?! A hula hoop?! LOL dude, nice try.

        Lose the boots….

        • boobs

          you should probably educate yourself before you blindly throw insults around

        • boobs

          but i do agree… the boots are awful

        • :))

          Yes protect the shins from a hula hoop. They hurt, I've been hoop dancing for two years. The first week I had bruises up and down my body. Those boots aka fluffies are a part of some hoop dancers culture. If the fluffies are the biggest deal about this video then you clearly couldn't hold a hoop on your waist for more than 30 seconds. She's amazing and I think the fluffies look great 🙂 anyone affiliated with spinning would.

        • Thoridin58

          thereugo – Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt

    • Will Morris

      Fuck that. She should only be wearing the boots. Her other clothes appear to be nothing but a hindrance. The leopard ones from the first video are the shit.

  • Gavin Highlander

    We wanna see a pictorial of the hula hoop girl!!!!!

  • Adam

    I bet she makes a killing in tips each night!

  • Big Guy

    Has anyone figured out if she is legal to fapp to?

    • YouAreWelcome

      She's 26

  • Great Idea

    Need still Pictures/gifs of hump upclose Hula Hoop girl could be the next Country Girl!!

    • Another Great Idea

      Mind The Gap would work too

  • S1M30NS4YS

    Sooooo sexy! I liked the first one more I think, but very nice

  • DK

    Living next door to her would be so much fun….

  • pedro

    reminds me of napolean dynamite but way hotter

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