• etcrr

    #8 When you're Jet Li you can do whatever you want, no one is going to argue

    • etcrrGet-a-life

      i bet you masturbate really hard when you see a few pluses next to your comments.

      • K1Strata

        What kind of a sick freak doesn't masturbate really hard!?


      I was thinking the same thing

      • hater

        I do it softly to avoid a huge mess

  • realzoo


  • David

    This was a Cracked article a while ago. You've just lifted it completely, but forgotten all the jokes.

    • C.W.

      You beat me to it. Damn.

      • Stan

        Cracked is the shit

        • Swaims buddy Don

          And Swaim is more the shit.

    • William Teach

      I was trying to remember where I read this before.

    • CaptainInsano

      I like Chive cuz it seems less internet-ish

      • Canton

        How is Chive less internet-ish. A good portion of the photos compiled here show up on Memebase first. Not saying that Memebase is full of original content either, but seriously, The Chive is all about memes and T&A. That's about as "internet-ish" as it gets.

    • truant

      straight up plagiarism. f**king shameful. 7/8 came from the same article, and the seagal crap came from another on Cracked. even used the same captions.

      great article, bob. way to steal it.

    • Elan

      When I saw the first example in the post, I was like "WTF? Didn't I just read this on Cracked?"

      Yeah, Chive. You ripped everything down to the pictures off of one of the sites you regularly link to. Great fucking job.

    • Leeks

      Did everyone commenting in this thread miss the part where it links to Cracked and says to view the rest there?

      Oh noes! The Chive previewed some Cracked content then encouraged people to visit Cracked! Plagiarism! The Chive is terrible and steals everything!

      The fact that the Chive took the pictures without the words seems tailor made for you non-readers.

      • Canton

        At the time of our comments, that link wasn't there, Leeks. They've since truncated the original post and linked back to the original article. But thanks for playing.

        • Elan

          What Canton said. The link to Cracked didn't appear until well after everyone was calling TheChive on their bullshit. And it's honestly more insulting to Cracked, IMO. I wouldn't want to get called a friend by the guy who ripped off all my work and only gave me credit for it after he was caught.

          • Canton

            On general principles, it would be great if The Chive credited all of the images it uses (like, for example, Cracked does.) But blatant plagiarism like this… There is no excuse for it. And yeah, I thought the two sites were friends, too. :S

            • Elan

              Generally speaking, I don't have much of a problem with it. A lot of the stuff they use is user-submitted, so it's hard to keep track of where everything originated from. In this case, though? Yeah, it's obvious Bob went through a Cracked Article and picked out all the pictures, ignored the jokes and then gave credit after he got a shit-storm.

  • noegod

    There are some awesomely bad/terribly awesome movies in this line up.

  • Fjallis

    You aren't going to credit cracked at all for stealing their stuff?

    • saladfingers1

      Is Cracked going to credit MAD for copying all their stuff?

  • saladfingers1

    You're missing Brad Pitt eating all kinds of shit all the time.


      …he doesnt do that on movie posters tho.

      • Canton

        Cracked already covered that, anyway, along with Tom Hanks urinating during important scenes.

  • cecep

    #8 Jet Lee not Jet Li, Chieve.

    • Jet

      Actually, it's Li Lianjie, but you can call me Mr Li.

    • wilecoyte7

      Actually, it's Chive not Chieve.

    • DumbassCecep

      I reed goud

    • abcp

      It is Jet Li..

    • techno_viking

      You're all wrong, it's Jet Ri.

  • dashete

    #2 Pretty much keeps that expression on his face the whole movie too.

    • P90

      You don't need emotions when you know you can kick everybody's ass.

  • Heisenberg

    Bring back TGIF's

  • Guse

    #9 – Am I the only one that feels like I should hate Tom Cruise movies far more than I actually do? He can't really act and the premises are usually garbage, but I honestly almost always enjoy his stuff.

    Collateral is freakin awesome, though.

    • Spaced Kowboy

      He can't act? Watch "A Few Good Men" or "Valkyrie" and tell me he can't act. He may be a little weird in real life, but most celebrities are. He certainly can act.

      • Chicago Sean

        Yeah, because he really went for it with that German accent in Valkyrie.

        • Elan

          That's because he wasn't speaking English in Valkyrie. He was speaking German in-universe. The movie was just in English for our benefit.

  • The Bandit

    ….most of these at least have different poses and expressions during the movie. But #2 Seagal (and Kristen Stewart) manage to have only one expression during every single movie of theirs….

  • Brian

    # 9

    Whatever happened to Collateral?

    Not the biggest Tom Cruise fan, but that was a damn good flick, never see it around anymore.

    • chuck

      Never see it around anymore? What, did it used to hang out on the street corner?

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    #3 I was honestly waiting for a tenso! moment there. Maybe replace his head with Jackie Chan's foot/hand.

  • etcrrGet-a-life
  • mshaw166

    #4 That is his beat off arm

    • cld

      jerk off arm

  • thejoeshow71

    This is a ripoff of a article… Lame

  • UnknoWn

    man.. its the exact copy of the post i saw on other site about a week ago
    give credit to original writer…

    thanks. I couldn't remember the source.

    • Canton

      It's not an exact copy — the Cracked article has actual writing, and a couple of the actors are different — but it's still too close for comfort. (Knew I was getting deja vu this morning!)

  • LucretiusCarus

    #1 #9 A weird Tom Cruise sandwich. I feel sorta ill now.

  • Loyal_Chivette

    #1 #9 doesn't matter which side you see, it doesn't make him any better looking. Just saying.

  • Darrell

    No Steve Martin looking like he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

    • Fjallis

      That's because the chive didn't create this. It was stolen from cracked and they didn't include Steve Martin. If he was in the article then the chive would probably have stolen that too.

  • Gbiscuit

    #8 Did anyone else read "Jet Li Only own one pair of sunglasses" in jet Li's accent?

  • Tristan

    You guys do realize some (most?) people have lives and can't spend everyday reading every article on every site. If you've already read it elsewhere use the 2 minutes you save, go outside and stfu.

    • jungle jipped

      Give credit where credit is due. If you do something but your boss takes the credit, are you cool with it? It's pretty simple.

      Chive, why are you being a chinese/japanese rip-off of "cracked"; and not even doing it as well? You're better than that.

    • Canton

      So… Let me see if I follow your logic. Some people read both Cracked and The Chive. Therefore, those people read all of the internet all the time. Not everybody reads all of the internet all of the time. Therefore, those who happen to catch an act of plagiarism should not point it out, because other people who don't read all of the internet (and therefore have lives and other priorities) might miss out on something.

      Sounds legit.

    • Ed Asakura

      Don't be a silly fool. Chive links to a Cracked article every day. Every single day. That means two things:

      1.) Chive staffers read a lot of Cracked stuff, so they should be aware of what Cracked posts.

      2.) Odds are good that a lot of Chive fans are Cracked fans. Also keep in mind that Cracked has been around longer than the Chive.

      And if you have time to post a comment on a Chive gallery, you can't really claim to have a life and talk down to others. Nice try.

    • slippery pete

      well Tristan totally missed the point…shocking

  • John Tillman

    Tom Cruise is a douche. The only good thing to come out of him is Les Grossman.

    • Harry H-d Sinner

      what about tropic thunder? Not a fan of his but he was hilarious in that one.

  • Supply & Demand

    Whaaa, no Nicolas Cage?? son has the mopey face on EVERY poster!!

  • Harry H-d Sinner

    Steven Seagal was the Kristen Stewart of the 90s….

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