The new batch of mail order brides are definitely going to clear customs (33 Photos)

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A couple weeks ago, a defective batch of mail order brides was delivered to theCHIVE. This week, one of my favorite mail order bride websites has really stepped up their game. I'd add a few to cart, just sayin'...

  • steve stoic

    But the most vital stat is missing… their S.A.T. scores.

  • donwong

    #13 lookatta size at dat pelt! Mamamia!

  • Jonny

    #12 for the win!

  • John Robert

    #5 #13 #14 #16 #19
    I wold marry at least half of the women shown here.

  • John Robert

    #22 #23 #27 #30 lots of really hot women on this post. Well done Chive.
    #15 Oh, those bangs, no no no.

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