User submit: thank you Steve "Abrek" Zilberman (11 Photos and his story)

“A brief synopsis of the actions and life of my buddy LT Steve “Abrek” Zilberman, USN.
Upon returning to the aircraft carrier from a mission over Afghanistan in Spring 2010, Bluetail 601, an E-2C Hawkeye suffered a catastrophic engine failure. The condition of the starboard engine made the aircraft almost impossible to control. Approaching minimum safe bailout altitude and knowing the lives of his crew were in grave danger, Abrek, through almost superhuman strength, held the aircraft level long enough for the three other crewmembers, the co-pilot, mission commander, and air control officer, to bail out safely. Seconds later, Bluetail 601 crashed into the sea. Military assets from every branch and numerous coalition nations searched for Abrek for three days. He was declared lost at sea. For his courage in the face of certain death, heroism to save the lives of his crew, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
“Abrek” was a Ukrainian immigrant who came to America when he was a teenager. He learned English, enlisted in the navy, and gained a commission through the Naval ROTC Unit at Renselear Polytechnic Institute, and earned his “Wings of Gold” becoming a Naval Aviator. He became a Carrier Airplane Commander in the E-2C Hawkeye, and made two deployments in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.
His heroic actions have been memorialized in plaques located at his high school, his Naval ROTC Unit, and in a Naval Aviation Memorial Park in Virginia Beach, VA.”
Thank you Tim for sending this in

  • Oregon_country

    Gog bless this man, and all those that sacrifice everything for our freedom. RIP Abrek.

    • nope

      Your freedom??? Strange. Did not know Afganistan inveated the US.

      • CPLHoff

        Get fucked man.

        • Charlie_Cheen

          …with a splintered rake.

          …rake side first, splinters just for extra sake.

      • Luurtsy

        You sir, are a douchebag.

      • CALI-DUDE

        Go Away sad little man.

      • Semper Fi

        Hey Nope, go find another site to talk about your nonsense. Mostly everyone here supports Merica Damnit!!!!! Those that don't keep their mouths shut.

        RIP Lt. Abrek and again, thanks for our freedom.

        • Canada Rocks

          You only wish you lived in as amazing a country as Canada. See, Canadians don't stick their noses where it doesn't belong, nor do we pretend to be the "worlds cop". Say goodbye to your Superpower status America, it doesn't exist anymore.

          • Bronze Star Engineer

            We love most Canadians, I fought alongside of a few and they are great. Too bad you are not one of them!

            • Dick Salad

              Maybe he's referring to a different Canada then the same country that has fought beside us in nearly every war since WWII…

          • Chris

            I'm Cdn and you…are an ignorant person that needs to educate yourself on what goes on in the world around you…grow up. This is about respect, not flag waving.

          • Ryan

            It's people like this that make me not want to be a Canadian.

            • Sam H.

              In any country, whether it be Canada, the USA, England… etc etc etc. You are always going to have dicks. Can't base a country on a handful of people. We aren't judging you or Canada.

          • Dex

            The politics are irrelevant. If you disagree with the military action, take it up with the politicians. This man is a hero for saving his comrades at the cost of his own life.

            The DFC was well deserved and this Canadian respects that. RIP Lt. Zilberman.

      • staplehawk

        Perhaps you missed the Twin Towers falling, Pentagon and a downed airplane by a large group that runs Afganistan. I feel like a tard having to explain to a tard. Pretty sure that's an 'inveatsion'..

      • Thankful

        Go SIP on another PBR and talk about how you will change the world. Key word is talk. This man gave up everything doing what he felt was right. I only speak for myself, but I have taken dumps that are a better person than you. GTFO with your nonsense

    • james woods

      Guy's a hero and should be respected as such.

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  • Mr. Know-it-all

    "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
    RIP LT. Fair winds and following seas.

  • PuttingOnTheRitz

    Seriously? This photo might get someone in trouble

    • osam


      • #EMAW!

        Depending on the aircraft it could be sensitive material displayed in it. All the people who thumbs downed RItz's comment are morons.

    • David

      There is no sensitive material displayed on the screen in the photo.

      • guest

        Actually there is sensitive material displayed. The laptop has a Secret sticker on it. I know this because I work with a lot of classified stuff and red stickers are marked Secret in the Navy. Although there is no information displayed on the laptop that we can see it is still a piece of classified material that should not be displayed.

        • GuestIsADope

          I just put a Secret sticker on my water bottle. I'd post a picture, but it's now a classified water bottle and I can't let the Soviets know that I am in possession of secret water.

    • BostonChiver.

      100% false.

      • Jungle

        It's best not to highlight things like that. There is nothing to be done about it..

  • Charlie

    I don't usually look at theBrigade, but I had to read this story. He is a true hero for what he has done and I salute him for it.

  • Lisa

    Sir, I hope that they give you the controls up there for a little while anyway.

    And if your family sees this, folks, I want you to know that I am truly grateful to you and Steve. May God bless you and hold you close to His heart now and always bringing you peace.

    Thank you all very much.

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #11 Classic Buddy pic

  • etcrr

    Steve “Abrek” Zilberman R.I.P. Living and giving for the American dream, No finer man No Ultimate Warrior more than he. A true Hero in every sense of the word. Thank You Sir for your service and Ultimate sacrifice. God Bless you

  • whyme1973

    Rest in Peace. Tales of heroism like this never fail to amaze me, even after serving with the folks that always seem to make it so commonplace.

  • Offended

    Why would you say something like that?

  • Chantal

    What's sad is this never made the news. Men and women like this and all who serve are to be commended. For those of you who make ignorant comments about our service men and women shows me that not only did you not have the courage to enlist, but you may not have even made the cut to be one. I really hope when things go bad here, you realize the error of your stupidity and beg forgiveness.

    • anna

      You are correct, dear Chantal. I sent this info to ABC news, NBC news… It never was delivered. Seven mother.

  • ilya

    Proud to be Ukranian RIP Abrek

  • HostosFQ

    god bless

  • Murph

    What a complete effing legend. Seems like the sort of guy I would have loved to buy a beer in exchange for a little bit of his life's story. Rest in Peace, Abrek.

    • Anna

      Thank you Murph! I am Steven mother. he is my only child!!!!!!

  • Marshall

    nope- go fuck yourself you un american piece of white trash. i dare you to come around here to all of us on base and say that to our face you un grateful ignorant piece of shit. find yourself at the end of rifle barrel you clown. this guy left everything behind in the name of three other people and huge piece of metal, this shit happens everyday. sure may not have been doing anything personal to benefit you directly but you are a piece of shit. youre the type of american that needs to be placed on my C5 and sent to Iraq with a one ticket. get lost. RIP Abrek, soldiers glory will forever remain my friend.

    • Canada Rocks

      ummmm excuse me, aren't you fighting an ILLEGAL war?! Perhaps it is you that needs to take a look at what you are doing — killing innocent people to save a nickel on a gallon of gas. Disgraceful.

      • Marshall

        funny that your canadians are standing right next to me with M4's and other weapons in their hands too. are they disgraceful to you? feel free to leave canada as well but dont come here. and fuck you im not disgraceful, and im not fighting an illegal war, all wars are "illegal". come to terms with yourself and innocent people die in ANY war…period. i am not going to re evaluate what i am fighting for, i know what im fighting for, i chose this path…need a remind you of countless amounts of lives being destroyed by the native people over there? probably best for you to join the service and take a tour over there before you ask me to take a look at what im doing. im fighting for the people who cant fight for themselves, not always americans either.

      • Marshall

        oh yeah and i forgot….why dont you use the internet or talk to someone directly involved in this and ask them how much good were doing over there…too bad the media destroys everything and only shows you and focuses on the bad….thats ignorant in the first degree.

      • Jungle

        #1. There is no such thing as an illegal war. There is only war.
        #2. I killed dozens of asshats shooting at me, not innocents. At no time in the history of war has more been done by combatants to protect civilians as has been done in this war by the thirty nations that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.
        #3. There is no gas in Afghanistan. The Iraq war is over and we took zero oil from them.
        #4. Canada does rock. I flew with several of your Hornet pilots and supported Canadian forces in combat in Afghanistan.
        #5. Canada also produces total morons. Why are you even on this site?

        • Marshall

          thank you. finally a mind that works.

          • Passing on through

            Just a couple of things to say to Canada Rocks. Every person in the world needs to have the right to choose who they get behind, instead of having your family ripped away from you if you don't go along with a regime's ideals. They have a right not to live in fear within their own country. My family has fought hard throughout my lineage so that others have freedom. If France had not stepped in to help a fledgling revolution maybe America would not be able to help out other nations. We have to take notice when others are done wrong and help them to their feet. I have heard many stories of citizens both in Iraq and Afghanistan approach soldiers to thank them. War is not pretty or clean, many citizens died in battle when fighting for America's revolution but I am sure all of them were aware of what was at stake and wanted nothing more than freedom for their country.

            Oh and I am so glad we got such a break on gas…. oh wait it went up…..

            • Mehmber

              Uh, just wanting to add that Canada Rocks may have a prepensity to speak from his ass, he doesn't actually speak for all of us.

              I may not have agreed with the war(s), but I sure as shit respect the men and women of the various armed forces from any country (except of course the "bad guys")

              • Twitch

                Canada rocks, go fuck your self, I'm from Canada and I've got more respect for this man who saved the lives of others, while knowing he couldn't see his loved ones again. When push comes to shove would u pick up a gun to defend our home, climb into a bird n fly into battle or would you try and hide like a bitch? R.I.P you are a Hero

      • Adam

        Assuming all troops are killing innocent people is very ignorant. Assuming all Canadians drink maple syrup, grow shitty mustaches and wear denim is justifiable

  • CC Josh

    What a sacrifice, I thank him and every person serving in our armed forces, i enjoy me freedom every day because of YOU and your SACRIFICE! I cannot thank you enough… Anyone reading this should thank a soldier

  • Rut

    I never peruse the brigade but I'm so glad I did this time. I'm Canadian but I wish all allied countries would share these stories with each other, I feel it would truly unite us in these times. RIP Abrek, you truly are an amazing hero.

    • David

      I served with Canadians for well over 8 years. They are stand-up guys fighting side-by-side us.

      • Canada Rocks

        And better than you as well. Admit it, you know it to be true…

        • Rut

          I agrees Canada fucking ROCKS! But this post is about comradery, and the story of a fallen hero. Let's not start a "who more awesome, Canada or America" on this page. Save it for the beer pong tournaments and the Olympics please. Thank you.

        • Marshall

          better than you? are you stupid? im pretty sure you are based on your comments im reading here. go litter some other post on the brigade or chive….this is about a guy who served and went down to save other lives. memorialze him and others like him because it happens all the time.

          • Rut

            I agree. Please don't let this person be the representative of Canada.

            • Marshall

              the capacity is not there for him, dont think you need to worry lol

  • snoopyismyhero

    I wonder how many of the pieces of shit making ignorant comments would have the balls to even get in the plane, let alone ride it down so his brothers could make it out. Thank you ALL our service people and those around the free world. You do what you do…so we can do what we do.

    • Marshall

      none of the idiots making stupid posts…in fact not many people at all.

  • StayofftheBrigade

    I am dumb and retarded, me make no sense!

  • Eisenhower Chiver

    I knew this man and served alongside him. He was a great man, RIP LT. I will never forget your sacrifice.

  • Jack

    My condolences to his family and friends on this loss.
    It sounds like he was a great man.

    • anna

      Thank you dear Jack. Steven mother, Anna

  • Jungle

    Thanks to whoever deleted the ignorant/trolling comments. This mishap deeply affected an entire community of Naval Aviators. We all hope we would be good enough when called upon, but you're never sure until your turn comes. Here's to one who was!

    • Marshall

      amen soldier

  • Manimal

    Semper Fi brother. Incredible courage to sacrifice one's life for the welfare of his men.

    • Hamsamich

      like a bawss! RIP

  • Tillman61

    I don't know how anyone reading this article can come up with any comment other than:
    "RIP and Thank You, Sir."

    To any current and former American service men and women reading this, Thank You as well.

  • Hamsamich

    One of our true heroes. Sad to know a good man is gone. Great cause, horrible loss. Keep calm and fuck whitney houston.

  • Diamond

    I salute you sir, RIP.

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