A “potted plant” ice cream cake…go onnnn (20 Photos & Video)

To see just how to make this awesome dessert, follow the steps in the instructional video below…

  • BabyFart Magizax

    Good morning chivers!!

  • needitwantit

    Doens't look that tasty.. though the combination of a potplant and icecream sounds good 😛

  • ionno

    nothing like a fresh chive post after masturbating before going to bed, though it is lacking bacon

    • DaddyD

      How can Chivers thumb bacon down?!

      • oltimey

        No to the spanking, yes to the bacon

        • ai caramba

          Are you telling me that chivers don't beat their meat?

      • Dr_StrangePants

        you don't want that tainted bacon.

        • Yessirr

          haha… you said taint…

  • etcrr

    Ok now I'm hungry

  • Matt

    Damn that sounds delicious

  • Pop Up

    I suggest eating it in front of people without telling them what it really is, and just let them assume that you've lost your mind.

    • Yessirr

      Another good one is to go into a business meeting or party early, sit down, and smear some peanut butter on the bottom of your shoe and keep your legs crossed. Then when someone mentions the dog poo on your shoe, stick your finger in it and give it a taste. Pretty classic reactions.

  • Capz

    They posted this a few weeks ago…

    • negative nancy

      no, you saw that on another website that the chive hacked it from.

  • C0ck juggling fatty

    Is TheChive a bunch of fatties, because all of these bacon and dessert posts lately make it seem like it

  • TerminatorMetal

    Sounds like a lot of effort. I think I'll just take the American Route. Take someone elses by force, and have a beer…

    • KeepinCalm

      Just say thanks and shut the fuckup. I don't know where you're from but there are very few countries on earth that 'merica hasn't helped at one point or another.

  • KeepCalm617

    #16 #18 – This is begging to be served "Russian roulette" style…. make several per the recipe, plus one using actual dirt. Jumble them up, serve cold, and watch from afar as hilarity ensues.

    • B-to-the-H

      I applaud your great idea, sir. I might have to keep this recipe in mind for next April Fools Day.

    • Sam

      You'd have to get ice-cream smelling dirt.

  • Heston
  • austin

    Thought I clicked on the berry link for a sec… Common chive this sucks what guy is gonna sit down and make these…

    • Mowwy

      People who don't have penises also read the chive….

    • Katie

      Ever heard of a chivette?

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Chive is the Common Room
      I guess the throttle and the Brigade is mostly for the Dudes
      But the Berry is the Girl's Bathroom…the nice kind that has chairs in it.

    • negative nancy

      There giving the chivettes another reason to stay in the kitchen.

      • Sixers

        They're*. It's ok you probably missed that day in school playing with your Easy Bake oven

    • Joe

      If i were to make one for my wife…. Laid! Just sayin'

  • Wicked

    Needs gummy worms

  • dlindstedt2

    So in order to enjoy such a dish, you need to eat it out of a pot, and kill a flower.

    How about I put it in a cup, and save a flower to give to my chivette? Bam, I am a bigger winner than this dish

    • Yessirr

      kill a flower, dude? really?

      • dlindstedt2

        Its not like that, I just find the thought of putting a flower in my food ridiculous and unnecessary. I think we can agree on this.

    • KT7

      The flowers are fake.

      • dlindstedt2

        Fake or not, unneeded.

        • FukTard

          Fake or not, chicks love flowers, ice cream AND Oreos..
          Plus the FAKE flower is put into a straw, not the food..

  • Craigery

    People have been doing this since the 70's if not earlier. Put it on the internet, and everyone things it's some crazy new idea.

    • negative nancy

      the internet was invented in the 50's silly.. This food in a plant pot is a remarkable new idea.

    • jer

      well arent you just a big ray of fucking sunshine



    • jer

      then you are not the eater you thought you were

  • Jester

    I don't think I could handle to spoon scraping the porcelain sound.

    • jer

      you can get plastic pots too

  • Fred

    Whats with the gay shit

    • Jester

      Chive heard you were on the site and said, "Well, Fred loves that gay shit…better put something on for him"

    • Quik

      This is how you attract chivettes

    • jer

      it is called doing something nice for your girl and getting a great blowjob out of it dumbass

  • gieldb

    Epic, bet this will impress any girl if you made it for them

  • Nic

    Ummm those kind of pots usually have chemicals in them for color and holding the form probably not the best to eat out of…

    • MusicmanBB

      Chemicals or not.. that's mint chocolate chip.. you WILL eat that shit.

  • Donna Curtiss

    insteat of flower pots, use red solo cups. Wom't get that scraping sound

  • Jessica Wallis

    My husband saw this on the site and made one for me for mothers day… he made red velvet and cream cheese icing instead of ice cream… but I loved it… it was sweet and gave me the two things I love the most cake and flowers 🙂 Thanks for planting the idea in his head!

  • Asabuddin

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